Your Relationship Energy Blueprint – QAS Show

Due to Karen having a family appointment unexpectedly come up, we had a Facebook Watch Party featuring this Quantum Alignment Show from February 2, 2018.

Love is a wonderful and compelling thing.

It is so compelling that today, instead of teaching a live Quantum Alignment Show, I will be at my 10-year-old daughter’s school meeting with her teacher to discuss a certain “rebellion” that she’s started in her classroom in response to her teacher making repeated gender-biased choices around literature and other teaching materials in the classroom.

In other words, she’s deeply frustrated that all the books and plays that they’re either read or performed in her class for the past two years only have boys or girls rescued by boys in them and she’s had enough!

She’s feeling hurt and disempowered and I need to go support her.

How do we fall in love? Is love at first sight really a thing? How do you know your partner is your soulmate? Do we all have soulmates?

It’s almost February, the month when we explore love, relating and relationships through the lens of Valentines Day.

For some of us this can be painful and challenging. For others, it can be giddy and sweet.

Love is an energy that is so vital to us that we can die or fail to develop in a healthy way if we don’t receive it as children.

Love is evolving, juicy, fun, challenging, death-defying, brave, passionate and hard.

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