You are more powerful than you realize….

This has been a difficult week in many aspects.

I want to share something personal with you today, not because I enjoy talking about myself (I don’t!) , but because I want to explore the concept of being powerful during times when it is so easy to feel frightened and disempowered.

As many of you may know, I am Jewish. Until this school year, my daughter went to a Jewish Day School. The previous year, during the depth of winter here in Minnesota, my daughter’s school experienced a bomb threat and all of the children in the school were evacuated. The eighth grade children (on their own accord) helped evacuate the pre-schoolers out of the swimming pool (where they were taking swim lessons), wrapped them in their own coats and ran with the small children in their arms to the awaiting safety bus.

Earlier this year, in Judaic Studies class, my 8 year old daughter learned of the Holocaust for the first time. We had chosen not to tell her about the Holocaust because she is a highly sensitive child and several of our other children suffer from anxiety and fear from being exposed to this information at an age where they couldn’t process the information in a healthy way. (If that’s even possible…)

In response to learning this information, my daughter developed a deep fear of dying, has had many, many nights in our bed because of nightmares and is struggling with some very intense phobias.

We took her out of the Jewish school and put her in a Waldorf school which has a much gentler, softer curriculum and her anxiety is improving dramatically.

Today, at our synagogue, we are participating in special services honoring those who were murdered in at the Tree of Life synagogue last week. I’m going to have to explain to my sensitive Projector kiddo, that last week someone opened up a spray of gunfire on praying people in a synagogue because he hated Jews.

I’m worried that this will kick her back into anxiety again.

But what am I to do? We need to stand in solidarity with all people who are rallying against hatred, oppression, inequity and injustice, including my own congregation.

And as much as I want to bring my beautiful, sensitive, wise and bright daughter into a world of equitable, sustainable peace, we’re not there. Yet.

My daughter is a Projector. She only has one open Center – the Sacral. She’s a powerhouse of a human. I think I “get” why she is here on the planet right now and I pray she can fulfill her mission because I know the world will be a better place because of her and all the children who will grow to inherit this planet we are on.

I have a new goal as a mother. My intention now is to teach her how to stay powerful in a world that has the capacity to make us feel disempowered. My prayer is that her own sense of value and her understanding of her unique and precious role in the Divine Plan will keep her connected to the Heart of who she is and that connection will, in turn, keep her connected to her right place in the Divine Plan. So that she can build the world we are dreaming into existence right now.

And I do this, not because I am a Jew. Being a Jew is just part of the story of my personal Life Path, but because I am a human being. And because this world needs us all to stand in our power and to say, in the face of hatred, “No More”. Never again. No. Just no. Love is the Power that will bring Light to the dark places in the world.

I will continue to fight for the emergence of Love into this world. I will continue to take actions that align with Love.

Because my daughters and sons, and all the other children on the planet need us to continue to build that world.

A world of equitable, sustainable peace rooted in infinite sufficiency.

I hope you’ll join me. You can start first by first claiming and then defending the preciousness of YOUR unique role in the Cosmic Plan.

Yesterday on the Quantum Alignment Show, I talked about how all Human Design Types are powerful. If you are feeling powerless and you don’t have control over what happens in your life, please take the time to listen to this show. Because you deserve it.

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Today I will walk with my daughter into our synagogue and I will remind her that it’s not her job to fix what is broken, but to, instead, build a world that is even more beautiful than the one we live in now. I will remind her that her true power lies not in resisting and fighting but in creating something so much more compelling than what currently exists, that others will be inspired to join her and that, eventually, as the momentum continues to grow, the world will forget the Darkness of the past.

From my Heart to Yours,