Why You Need to Have a Dream

Do you have a dream? I hope this week finds you cultivating endurance, practicing gratitude, and letting yourself have a dream.

One of my students recently asked me what the difference is between being grateful and settling for less than what you want.

Gratitude is a skill set. It is the ability to see the good and the blessings in whatever situation you may find yourself in. Settling is letting yourself get comfortable with limiting what you want.

We often settle when we’re tired. The energy that it takes to wait and allow the unfolding of Divine Timing and the work that it takes to lay the foundation for what we really want, is hard to access when you are feeling depleted, defeated, and worn out.

Many of us quit when the finish line is in our sight. We think that it’s “good enough,” and we relax and forego the final sprint to the finish. When you’re exhausted, that final sprint feels like striving.

Emotional alignment – faith – carries us to the other side of our creative potential, giving us the energy and the magic necessary to build a legacy with our lives.

You can’t have emotional alignment without a dream. You literally need to have a dream!

It’s been my experience in life that people have shamed and ridiculed me for being a “dreamer.” Even my father, with the best of intentions, tried to get me to be more “realistic” about my life goals. I know he didn’t want me to risk feeling disappointed with my life, so he encouraged me to think small – not big.

Luckily for me, I made it a lifetime habit to prove him wrong!

We are at the “hard” part of our current global creative cycle. We are approaching a vital stretch of our collective journey. It’s going to require us to hold a vision to move forward – to dream of what we truly want – before we can cultivate a strategy to use our current situation as a catalyst for making the world a better place.

This week I encourage you to take stock of your energy.

Ask yourself if there is anything in your life that needs to change in order to better support your energy. Life right now might not be affording you the things you used to be able to do for self-renewal. Maybe you need to get creative in finding ways to restock and resource your energy from routines that allow for little alone time – or too much alone time – depending on your current circumstances.

Worry is the shadow side of the Gate 62, the Gate of Preparation.

The Gate of Preparation Number 62

Worry and fear can be extremely depleting, especially in the face of the unknown.

Having a dream and taking the time to build the faith to hold the dream is a powerful way to combat worry. We are in a cycle with multitudes of “unknowns.”

You may not know the details of how it will unfold, but it is important to let yourself have a dream!

Taking the time to really hold the dream in your mind, body, and spirit helps you build a buffer against the worry and the stress of these current times.

The more you can cultivate your dream, the more you have access to the energy of momentum and the capacity to be grateful and not settle for less. Practice letting yourself have a dream and then explore what ways you can move toward it.

It might seem “unrealistic” and delusionally confident, but try it!

When you have a dream, it helps call you forward to something better when the going gets tough.

You owe it to yourself and the world to not settle for less than what you really want…

Here’s to your dream and your legacy!

From my Heart to Yours,


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