When It Comes to Love & Direction – We are all Going in Circles QA Show

Join Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, Marlene Barlett, as she shares how the universe operates in cycles with repeating patterns and themes that serve as reminders and guideposts for our lives, and ultimately inform our sense of individual identity AND oneness.

The G-center contains eight gates (four love and four directional) that are activated by the sun at the beginnings and midpoints of each of the four seasons. How can we use the information from these special gates to deepen our relationship with love (of ourselves and others) and our direction or purpose in life?

Whether your G/Self center is defined or not, we all get to experience each of these energies at significant times during the year. We can connect in with, and learn from, nature as she shows us how to honor the inevitable transitions and changes of life – to refresh and start anew, to celebrate and express, to harvest and appreciate, to go inward and reflect, etc.

She will encourage you to explore how to play with these energies and the elements and themes associated with them. Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Peace, Wisdom, Love and Service. Patterns repeat. Circles, cycles, love, direction.

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