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Things may begin to feel a little lighter this week as some of the intensity of last week shifts out.  But, don’t underestimate the power of the transformative processes we have started.  The echoes of last week and the decisions you made will be impacting your reality for weeks to come.

We start the week in the Gate 44, Energy, moving to the Gate 1, Self-Expression on Friday (November 6).  We are looking at our patterns from the past and seeing what parts of what we’ve learned and experienced these past few weeks needs to become part of the new story we tell ourselves and what old patterns that are, perhaps, keeping us stuck, do we need to release so that we can move forward in an empowered way.  This is not a time to get stuck in old patterns but to release anything that is holding us back from our Bigness.

When the Gate 1 transits starting on Friday, we are filled with a desire to make our unique contribution to the world.  Love yourself and what you have to give no matter what!  The world is what it is today because of you.   You are THAT important.

The Earth starts the week in the Gate 24, Rationalization moving to the Gate 2, The Receptive, on Friday.  Be mindful of not rationalizing staying stuck in old patterns.  You have the capacity and the energy to make the changes you deserve.  Make the shift in your mind and see what shows up.  It’s time.

On Friday we are nicely positioned to receive all the resources and support we need to fulfill our Life Purpose.  Everything is working out perfectly!

Mercury is in the Gate 50 at the start of the week, moving to the Gate 28, Struggle.  We are sharing out stories of our trials and tribulations these past few weeks.  Tell your story.  Celebrate and listen to the stories of others.  Just don’t get stuck in the fun of retelling the horror.  You don’t want to anchor the story in your mind forever.  Tell it, share it and the move on.

Venus and Mars are in the Gate 6, Friction and we are seeking ways to have impact with each other.  This is also a pretty juicy, sexy energy.   It’s a nice time to “connect” but remember that intimacy takes time and clarity.  Make sure things feel right before you do the tango!  (Don’t rationalize.)

Big shift in the outer planets this week.  Jupiter, the planet of blessings and expansion shifts to the Gate 47, Oppression.  We’ve been working with big, holistic inspirations, now it’s time to master our mindsets so we can be prepared to follow the instructions that the Universe is sending us.  You don’t have to figure things out.  The answers you seek will show up in your outer reality and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to make your inspirations a reality.

BUT, things will only work out to the degree to which you allow your mind to stay optimistic, enthusiastic and open to the infinite possibilities of what might show up.  You will either be imprisoned or liberated by your mindset.  While this energy transits, be extra mindful of “stinking thinking” and take good care of your mind and your consciousness.

The outer planets hold steady for the next week and half and then we’re in for another big shift….a welcome shift that will help us stay focused and grounded.

In the meantime, we are in the final lessons of learning to surrender, trust the Universe for the bigger answers, serve something greater than ourselves and let Source and Spirit handle everything.

Yup.  Everything.

Have a great week!!



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Hexagram 44 – Coming to Meet

The Presentation Gate

Affirmation:  I greet life full on.  I move forward confidently into the future knowing that my past has been my greatest teacher.  I am not limited but liberated from my past and realize that NOW is the most powerful moment of my life.

Writing Assignment: 

1.  Are there places where I limit myself because of things that have happened to me in the past?

2.  Am I in full integrity when it comes to leading or influencing others?  Do I walk my talk?

3.  Are there places where I need support from others?

4.  Imagine your perception of your life from your deathbed.  What things would be important to you?  What accomplishments would you be most proud of?  Is your life today a good reflection of that perspective?  Do you need to change your priorities?

EFT Setup:  Even though it’s hard for me to let go of  _________________________________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


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