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Sustainability (noun) – the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed, to be able to last or continue for a long time.

Dear Friends,

I’ve been inspired a lot about the idea of “sustainability” lately.

Sustainability isn’t one of the sexiest words in the English language. In a lot of ways, the word “sustainable” reminds me of the word “diet”.  I have this strangle belief that to be sustainable we are going to have to go without, tighten our belts and eek out what we have to make it last.  And feel deprived, just like I feel when I diet.

That doesn’t sound particularly inspiring or desirable does it?

I recently listened to a rather terrifying report about the level of prosperity on the planet.  During the radio show, one of the presenters said that if we were to raise the level of abundance of every human on earth to the level of abundance experienced in every day America, it would take the resources of 500 earths to make it happen.

Not particularly inspiring, either….

I’m not trying to terrify you.  I just think we have a big challenge ahead of us and I know in the deep, core of my cells and bones that we are on the cusp of discovering amazing, elegant solutions to the challenges we are facing on the planet.

And I’m pretty sure that those answers will be revealed to us in the most magnificent, serendipitous and grace-filled way.

(Hold on…here IS what inspires me…) To get to those solutions we need some very important things:

  1. A way to connect deeply with Infinite Intelligence and Wisdom.
  2. A strategic, foresightful and grounded approach to tackling the real life, 3-D challenges we face.
  3. An awareness of the importance that each one of us plays in an evolving world.  (I don’t believe that any single one of us has THE answer but that together, when we are engaged in conscious dialogue, we will save the world and make it an even better place for everyone!)

Human Design shows us that we are evolving towards becoming a more compassionate, accepting and values-based species.  We are knee-deep in the process of building a new world of sustainable peace and sustainable resources for everyone.

But, because we are in the midst of releasing old paradigms, the old rules aren’t working anymore.  And the new rules aren’t yet fully activated yet, either.

It’s a very interesting time.  (And kind of hard for a lot of us…)

Personally, I believe that we are going to have to have some very important, leading-edge conversations if we’re going to co-create the solutions to what lies ahead.

That’s why I’m getting ready to launch a brand-new podcast with Empower Radio and I’d love your input to help me create a world-changing, transformative show.  My goal is to serve you by creating a platform that will help you discover answers to help make your world more deliciously and joyful sustainable in every way.

That’s it!



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