What’s Eudaimonics got to do with it?

The Greek word eudaimonia means literally “the state of having a good indwelling spirit, a good genius”

Science is now catching up with what many of us as healers, coaches, intuitives, astrologers and Lightworkers have been doing for years. We now know that the meaning we give our life impact our DNA, our health, our life choices, our longevity and more…

Healing – or “aligning” as I like to call it (because I don’t think anything about you is broken) – is a 3 step process that usually involves re-writing the story of your life.

Re-writing an empowered (and TRUE) narrative about who you are has three crucial steps:

  • You’ve got understand the story you’re living right now (and where that story came from)
  • You’ve got to know who you are not so that you can better know who you truly are
  • You’ve got to take back control over writing your own story and start living THAT story as quickly as possible.

All of our stories, even the ones filled with pain and anger, are sacred. Our stories add to the collective tapestry of what it means to be human, and our individual stories, when added to the whole make the earth experience rich and meaningful and help us define what we intend to change and create anew.

Embracing all of our emotions, including the ones we tend to avoid, like anger, resentment, powerlessness, frustration, despair and bitterness, is crucial to defining what we choose to create in the future.

When we don’t allow these deep-seated stories to rise up to the surface for expression and release, we tend to create crisis in the attempt to trigger some kind of emotional catalytic healing. We create secondary dramas in order to (in a kind of strange way) get our needs for validation and relief met.

It’s often easier to perceive ourselves as being a victim of our current reality than to deal with the pain of the past that may have created that behavioral problem in the first place. Recreating a painful pattern creates the illusion of control when we perceive ourselves as being powerless to change things.

As I have shared with you all in the past, sometimes we create the illusion of having “released” the past by defining ourselves as “survivors” of it. If you have “survived” your past, you are still binding yourself to the ghosts behind you.

You will not truly have survived until you no longer define yourself by your past experiences and you have changed your story so that you are no longer a victim of it.

As an author and a (former) publisher I have witnessed the power of the mighty “pen” (or keyboard…) and its capacity to heal. Putting words to stories has an uncanny way of invoking the experience of the story in our lives.

I used to caution all of my new authors to be aware that, no matter what they are writing about, the power of their words will create a metaphoric representation of their book in their lives. For example, one of my authors wrote a book on grief and healing. While she was writing the book, she experienced the end of a significant partnership and the death of her sister.

Another one of my authors is writing a book about balancing motherhood and work and has experienced big challenges with balancing work and family in her own life as she is writing.

In my own life, when I was writing the Inside the Body of God book, I talked a lot about being part of Divine Order and how sometimes that means aligning with the unexpected.In the middle of writing, I became pregnant with my fifth child (at the ripe old age of 43…Surprise!).

The amazing thing about our life experience is that we can tell a story however we choose. You are in charge of the perspective. You are in charge of the details.You are in charge of the end result.

What stories about yourself and your life are you telling?

Are you a victim, surviving or thriving?

Are you trapped in an old story or are you re-writing and creating new ones?

When you understand that you have the freedom to tell any story you choose, it gives you the creative power to invoke whichever metaphor you desire in your reality. If you are telling stories of victimhood, you will invoke more victimhood experiences and metaphors in your life.

If you are telling stories of joy and delight, you will be invoking experiences of joy and delight into your life.

In Hebrew the word for “word”, davar, and the word for “thing” are the same. When we put words to our stories, we make them real, they become “things”.

Not only that, but here is a mind-bender to think about. Quantum physics tells us that we live in “probability fields”, meaning that at any given point in time, we have to potential to experience an unlimited amount of outcomes, depending on where we focus our energy and attention.

In other words, no matter what your “history” may be, there may actually be other realities that were generated at the same time, that you may not be consciously focusing on, but that you can shift your attention and awareness to, if you choose.

For example, you may have a story that your father was angry all the time. That may be a reality (a story, so to speak) that you are focused on. What if there is an alternate reality where your father loved you so much that he experienced tremendous stress about not being able to support you financially the way he wanted to and that his anger was about his job situation and not about you?

We are tremendously creative creatures and I suspect that we do not truly appreciate or even understand the depth our creative abilities as Light-Beings in human bodies. What if rewriting a story from that past simply means that you shift your focus to a different, better-feeling outcome?

Today, May 15, Jupiter retrogrades to the Gate 26, the Gate of Integrity, inviting us to explore whether the narratives we tell about who we are are in “integrity” with the True Story of Who We Really Are.

This particular Jupiter retrograde is about investigating what drives us, how that impacts our creative capacity and deepening our awareness of our authentic selves. It is a powerful opportunity for you to revisit your stories and see if you need a little re-vision of the past and a time to embrace your unique magnificence.

(I used the word re-vision because, as a publisher, a story revision is what is usually necessary to take a good manuscript and make it great. All books are revised and rewritten several times in order to make them excellent.

When we “re-vision” our stories, we are using the re-written versions of our understandings to create re-visions of our dreams and stories for moving forward in our lives.)

I’ve given the process of revising stories a lot of thought. I think that our ability to create new, fresh stories is a powerful way to set ourselves free from the past. Doing this by physically writing retellings of our old stories, gives us the power to see things from a fresh, empowered perspective and allows us to invoke something new and delightful into our lives.

In honor of your stories and your power to create new stories, if you choose, I have created a new online retreat and Quantun Narrative program designed to help you “re-vision” your stories and create new ones about the past AND the future (Yes…we WILL be transcending the time-space continuum.)

During this program you will:

  1. Re-write old stories that may be keeping you stuck in old patterns
  2. Re-vision your past so that you have a new legacy of thriving and forward momentum
  3. Discover the gifts of your old stories and embrace them in a new way
  4. Create powerful stories about your future and the future of the world so that we can move into a new creative dynamic that allows you to script the future you truly intend
  5. Discover your unique energy blueprint (Human Design) and learn how to turn your vulnerability into your power and wisdom
  6. Master powerful creative techniques that will allow you to truly create the life you desire. You will learn to use your words and become a true “Source”erer.

****All of this INCLUDES brand-new, empowering Human Design vocabulary that has never before been shared. (Yup! You’ll be one of the first people on the planet to explore a new, powerful, positive way to see your Human Design chart and tell a bigger, better story about what’s possible for you!)

What you’ll get:

  1. Introduction to Your Human Design Type home study program including our brand-new Type e-book and video series ($47 value)
  2. Introduction to Human Design Homestudy program to give you a good introduction to the parts and meanings of your Human Design chart ($197 value)
  3. Access to an all-day LIVE online training using the brand-new Human Design vocabulary. You’ll learn specific, scientifically based techniques and coaching strategies to help you rewrite and revise your story so that you can embody a story about your life that you LOVE.

**Not only will you LOVE your story, it will give you more meaning, it will help you see your unique place of service to the world, will give you more meaning and purpose and increase your eudaemonic well-being (a more sustainable and enduring quality of well-being that is deeply tied to feeling like your life has a true purpose).

AND, here’s the best part…having purpose is linked to a number of positive health outcomes, including better sleep, fewer strokes and heart attacks, and a lower risk of dementia, disability and premature death.

When your personal narrative gives you a strong sense of purpose, you are more likely to embrace preventive health services, like mammograms, colonoscopies and flu shots.

And people with high scores on measures of eudaimonic well-being have low levels of pro-inflammatory gene expression.

If you are truly ready to take the reins and drive your life forward, I invite you to join me.

When: This program starts Monday, June 3. We’ll release pre-class homework videos for you to complete before our weekend online retreat on June 29 (from 9-5 Central Time Zone).

Cost:$125 (Understanding Human Design Online Community Members get a 35% off discount. You can join the membership here:www.understandinghumandesign.com)

Bonus:The first 30 people who register will be automatically be enrolled in a special bonus 2-hour open Q&A session with Karen Curry Parker.

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I look forward to watching you step into a story that truly defines the magnificence of Who You Really Are!!

From my Heart to Yours,