What is Truth? Quantum Alignment Show

What is True?

Join Karen Curry Parker on this Quantum Alignment Show. You’re going to learn about how you are hard-wired to know and how you can begin to trust your own inner wisdom.

With so much information – and misinformation – floating around out there, it’s hard to know what is true – or not!

One of the most common questions my clients ask me is how to “trust” their own “intuition” or inner knowing. Most of my clients want to know if they’re intuitive and how to really know what’s right…

Of course, hindsight is a great teacher….(How many times have you just “known” something was or wasn’t going to happen…).

But there are ways for you to learn how to trust and act on your inner knowingness and use it as a reliable source of wisdom, clarity and direction…BEFORE something happens…

There’s an old expression that says, fish didn’t discover water. When you’re in the middle of something and it’s so much a part of who you are, it’s sometimes hard to see. We are all intuitive.

But, we are all different and we all have different ways of “knowing”. Some of us are logical. Some of us “feel” intuition information. Some of us are empathic. Some of us “see”. Some people even “smell” intuitively. (I have a daughter who can tell when women are pregnant by their smell.)

Knowing how you “know” things and trusting yourself is crucial to being resilient in life. When you understand your unique way of understanding and how you are hardwired to process information, you can make strong, confident decisions for your life.You can trust yourself.

You also learn how to know what is true in a world brimming with too much information, many of it conflicting, confusing and overwhelming.You need to know what is right and good information and how to sort out the “noise” that bombards us on a daily basis.

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