What is True? Part 2-Quantum Alignment Show

What is True?

We all have the one relative – the one who tries to control everything and leaves you feeling over-powered, powerless or feeling like you need to fight back to prove your “rightness”…

This same control dynamic plays out in many areas and aspects of our life.

Control dynamics make if very difficult for you to know what’s true and what’s not. When control dynamics are at play, the manipulation of facts, information and “truth” are used to throw the other person (or groups of people) off balance and undermine their confidence.

Your self-worth and your sense of empowerment are vital components that you must heal if you want to break free from control dynamics. When you heal the karma of your self-worth and you know how to tap into your power (by “design”) then you can liberate yourself from control drama and know YOUR truth.

In today’s Quantum Alignment Show, Part 2 of 3 shows about how we “know” what we know, we’re going to explore the Human Design of control dynamics and how these destabilizing dynamics make it hard for us to discern what is true or not.

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