What if You Actually Are a Dreamer?

We have the tendency to downplay the importance of our dreams.

We do our best to dampen the sparks that land within our hearts. We’re taught at an early age that dreaming is for idle people and idealists. At what point did we define idealism or dreaming as a dirty or bad thing?

This week Karen invites you to take some time to dream, to engage with dreaming as if it is a practice, an essential part of your personal and collective success strategy. Notice where you dare to allow yourself to dream and where perhaps you shut your dreaming down.

How does your body react to your dreams? Your hopes? Do they expand to take your breath away? Or do you quickly shut them down, afraid to allow yourself to open to the expansion? What if we all spent the week simply dreaming?

Dreaming of a world that is just, a world that is equitable, a world that is abundant, sustainable, and peaceful. What magic would we unleash simply by allowing ourselves to dream?

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