What do you and Mitt Romney have in common? (It’s not what you think!)

(This is NOT a political conversation…)
At the age of 66, Mitt Romney has learned an important lesson.  After two failed presidential bids, he’s discovered the real secret to success and happiness and it isn’t what you might think.
It’s not money, connections, education, good looks, or even experience.
It’s being yourself.
In an in recent movie biography of Mitt Romney called “Mitt”, Romney is portrayed with honesty and as his authentic self.  He’s depicted as a goofy, wry, Mormon leader who is perhaps not as “conservative” as his campaigns have led us to believe.
Romney fell into a trap that many of us fall into.  He believed that he had to portray himself in a “certain” way in order to be successful.  He put on a mask, turned off key elements of his personality that were endearing and, most importantly, authentic and lost two presidential elections.
According to an article written by Maureen Dowd in the New York Times this past weekend, after seeing his authentic self on the big screen, “Mitt had a revelation that he should have run his races as Mitt – with all the goofiness, Mormonism, self-doubt and self-mockery thrown into the crazy salad.”
“It’s a sad story of discovery,” said a Republican who is friends with him. “He kept going through campaigns and evolving closer to himself. Then he saw the documentary and it was liberating, showing 100 percent of himself instead of 80. But it was too late. You don’t really get three shots.”
Maybe we don’t get three shots at a presidential election.  Fortunately we get lots of shots at creating what we want in life and, most importantly, an infinite number of opportunities to express who we truly are.
It takes time, awareness and the right information to discover who you truly are, to learn how to put down the masks we learn to wear in the name of “fitting in” and being “successful” in the world.  Human Design is a powerful tool to help you take off those masks and stand in the glorious truth of the real you.
Sometimes we think we can’t be ourselves…that the cost is too dear and people will walk away, money won’t flow and we’ll be cast out in some way.
In the last 15 years that I’ve shared in Human Design with the world with over 40,000 people doing more than 7,000 readings, I’ve never seen anyone lose out by being true to who they really are.
In fact, the opposite is always true.  When you live authentically, you are fully supported financially, your relationships are deeper, richer, more intimate, your health improves, your creativity flows and you find your right place…your true place…in the world.
There is no risk involved in being yourself.  That’s just a story we come to believe over time.
The real risk is in trying to be something you’re not….THAT strategy has a HIGH price tag.
Think about this for just a minute.  There has never been, nor will there ever be another person like you on this planet.  How remarkably precious does that make you?
Have a wonderful day!

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