What are you thinking?

The Ajna Center is the Center for processing and analyzing information.

This is where we store thoughts, concepts and belief systems.

Again, most people will have this Center open; when this Center is open, it is beautifully designed to understand information and beliefs from multiple perspectives. Consequently, people who have this Center open are often under pressure to hold on to fixed ideas and beliefs so that they can feel “certain” about information.

Of course, the irony is that there is no certainty in the open Ajna Center. It’s simply not designed that way.

We have been trained that our thoughts become things, that our thinking creates our reality. We have also learned that if we want to create what we really want in life, we have to hold onto that “vision” and never waiver with our certainty, maintaining focus on what we want.

When you can understand that most of us literally cannot hold onto a fixed idea or “vision,” it starts to make sense why so many people get stuck trying to use their mind (or thought forms) to create.

If we look at the Gates located in the Head and the Ajna, the two Centers associated with thinking and mindset, we see that the energies in the mind are comprised of the potential for confusion, overwhelm, doubt and suspicion as well as false answers, rationalization, oppressive thinking, opinions, thoughts that are difficult to share and ideas that have no energy to be made manifest.

When looking at it this way, we can see the Head and Ajna are not good places for making decisions! Here is a list of parallels for these two Centers:

  • pressure when open; fixed when defined
  • no energy for action; mental
  • confusion, thinking, doubt
  • mindset, justifications, answers (even if wrong)
  • opinions, insights, ideas
  • details, not listening, stories

When we look at the mechanics of how the mind operates and the process of manifesting, we see that there are two key roles that the mind plays:

  1. The mind is designed to use questioning as the “interface” between the human experience and the infinite possibilities of the universe. We are designed to ask questions and receive answers from our outer reality, not to use the mind to force answers and figure out what to “do.”
  2. The dreaming and imaginative capacity of the mind is designed to stimulate a “mindset” that attunes the rest of the energy system to attract what you want in your life. And, because the role of the mind is attunement, rather than to create, you don’t have to figure everything out (the universe takes care of that for you).

Learning to use the mind the way it is intended allows you to leverage your creative wonder, uncertainty and the realm of possibility in a way that liberates you from having to control your mind in unnatural ways.

To really get what you want in life, you must become a master of your mindset. You do this by allowing yourself to engage in creative questions and dreaming rather than to try to force yourself to hold onto a fixed vision or belief in an unnatural way.

In the brand-new Human Design Community Class, The Nine Centers, you’re going to learn exactly how to use your Ajna Center as the powerful creative Center that it is.  When you know how your Ajna is configured you gain control over your mindset and your true creative power.

So you can get what you want out of life.

In the way that’s right for you!

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Here’s to you living abundantly  and authentically!

From my Heart to Yours,


P.S.  Check out this “cheat-sheet” I made for you:

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