What are you committed to?

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This week marks the emergence from our quiet and introspective cycle of the last weeks.  We’ve been dealing with revolution and change, proverbially cleaning house and getting ready to renew our creative efforts.  You will feel a pretty a notable shift in the energy and your creative juices and power will begin to flow again.

We start the week with the Gate 29 in the Sun.  The Gate 29 asks us to be clear about what we are committed to.  Where is your passion, your perseverance and what are you focusing on?  Is your life a reflection of this commitment, and, if not, what needs to change?

If your commitment is clear, then this is the week to really lock in and get to work.  The energies this week are highly creative, pushing on us to try something new, dream about what comes next and to keep taking active steps towards creating.

If you’re not clear, this is a great week to get really clear.  If you’re stumbling around this week, don’t be surprised if your physical body let’s you know if you’re out of balance…

The Gate 30, the Clinging Fire, is in the Earth.  Our energy is intense and contagious as we “set fire” to our world with our renewed energy.  Be mindful, though.  The Gate 29 and the Gate 30 in combination are a powerful for burnout.  The burnout that comes from this combination is designed to stop you in your tracks so that you don’t go too much farther in the wrong direction.

Mercury is in the Gate 47, Oppression, and we have the capacity to either liberate or imprison ourselves in our current reality depending on our mindset.  This is an important week to watch your thoughts and language and speak in a way that lifts you and others up.  When this energy is at play, it’s easy to get lost in “stinkin’ thinking”.

Venus continues in the Gate 4, the Answer, and we think we know everything, especially in relation to our relationships and values.  Stay open to the possibility that unexpected truths may be revealed to you and that what you think is the answer might not be THE answer…

Mars starts the week in the Gate 31, Leadership, moving to the Gate 33, Privacy, on Friday.  We start out supporting leadership and assuming our role as facilitators and then retreat come Friday.  Again, with this energy, everything points to you coming to deep inner realizations about how you choose to spend your energy and what you need to do to align with the personal commitments that are vital to you fulfilling your destiny.

The outer planets stay stable helping us find the strength to fight for the commitments that are truly meaningful in our lives.  We are discovering the depth of our passion, commitment and desire for something different and new.  We will look back at this time as a time of deep initiation into a new way of being in the world.  Everything is subject to questioning and everything that is not supportive of a new world of sustainable peace and resources will slowly vibrate out of our field of awareness.

**Cautionary note**  The transits bring with them a defined Will Center right now through the 25/51.  We have the Will Power to endure shock, initiation and change.  But we also need to remember to take consistent cycles of rest.  It’s easy with these energies to feel exhausted, defeated or burned out if you’re pushing without the rest.  Take consistent cycles of integration, play and restoration.  It’s so important right now.

Have a great week!!


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5 Replies to “What are you committed to?”

  1. HAPPY HAPPY FABULOUS 50th Karen!!! Thank you for ALL the incredible gifts you bring to the world! Thank you for your wonderful humor and completely down to earth, no- holds- barred- give it to me straight, even when it’s not pretty- way of presenting nuggets of life wisdom. It. Is. Awesome!!!
    I always look forward to reading your HD updates. Your passion for this work and impacting others’ lives is awe-inspiring. Big Big Big Love to you on your Birthday!!! (celebrated mine yesterday-49)

  2. Thanks, Karen!
    Always spot on! As I read about the to’s and fro’s within the report, I wonder how you deal with it all considering the level of commitment you have to ALL this.
    God Bless You!

  3. …oh, ya! And as always, have a beautiful B-Day time. I’m still celebrating mine from the 9th!! What with all the calendar mishaps and time zone changes, who really knows when the true day is. So, celebrate for a week or two and that oughta cover it!!

  4. Your productivity never ceases to amaze me, especially given the face that you have an active family life as well. May your next decade bring you even greater abundance and much joy. Happy Birthday!

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