What are the Transits Whispering to You? – QA Show

Are you curious about Human Design? And how the Transits affect you, too? Whether you’ve been following Human Design for a while or you’ve just stumbled upon it, you may be wondering how Human Design interprets the movement of the planets. I certainly was wondering.

To put it simply, all of the energy in our life looks kind like a pie chart: One-third each of you energy, the relationships you have and the Transits. Your relevant energy world is a combination of YOU, your relationships and the influences of the planets. Day in and day out. That’s your reality. That’s your movie. Wouldn’t it be great to know how the transits affect you day to day?

Join Karen Flaherty, Human Design Specialist and author of Getting to Know You on the Quantum Alignment Show and learn what’s up with the Transits, how they affect you day to day and how you can become an expert in your own life!


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