Welcome to Mercury Retrograde!

Welcome to Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury enters retrograde when it passes earth in its orbit around the sun. Because Mercury is closer to the sun than Earth, it’s orbit is smaller. In its orbit, it passes earth three times in one year. During these times, for us on Earth, it appears Mercury is moving backward, or entering retrograde. While the planet isn’t physically moving backward, the few weeks it’s seen moving in the alternate direction are classified as “retrograde.”

Anytime a planet goes retrograde in astrology it’s an initiation into a cycle of exploring who we think are and what narratives and patterns we are holding. Retrograde cycles are introspective and contemplative and offer us tremendous opportunity for growth and evolution.

In Human Design, both the planet and the archetypes of the Gates the planet is transiting through create the theme of a retrograde cycle.

Mercury began it’s retrograde cycle on November 1 and returns direct on November 21.

Mercury is the planet of communication. It also influences the energy of our thinking patterns, rationality and reasoning, and adaptability and variability.

During this particular retrograde cycle, Mercury lights up the Gates 14 (the Gate of Creation), the Gate 43 (the Gate of Insight), the Gate 1 (the Gate of Purpose) and the Gate 44 (the Gate of Truth).

Think of it this way. As Mercury goes retrograde we spiral into these archetypes and when Mercury goes direct we spiral out, applying everything we’ve discovered about ourselves during this inward cycle to our outer reality, giving us an opportunity to “redo” these themes in our lives.

This Mercury retrograde cycle invites us to explore deeply our relationship with our support. In the way in which our reality is currently constructed, we oftentimes relate the theme of support with money and other material resources.

The Gate 14, the initiation archetype activated in this cycle, really sets the stage for this inner inquiry, asking us to learn to trust that we are fully supported by Source and that we are designed to respond to opportunities that bring resources into our lives rather than forcing them or overworking. This, of course, requires us to explore our relationship with faith and our own sense of self-worth and value. If you stay true to your authentic self and self expression in the world, do you trust that you will be supported?

It’s also an invitation to see whether you’ve abdicated your own power around money and if you’re neglecting your own alignment with Source and over-compensating for a sense of lack by over-working.

The Gate 14 also wants us to learn to value the resources we already have and to appreciate how easily they can be created when we are aligned. We are learning to be gracious and grateful and not take for granted what we have.

Both the Gate 43 (Insight) ,which is activated from November 7 – 11, and the Gate 1 (Purpose), which is activated from November 12 – 16, are energies that give us an extra “oomph” for transforming the way in which we think and express ourselves. Mercury is basically telling us that when we are authentic, uncompromising and not settling for less than who we are, we change our mindset and our unique contribution to the world becomes more powerful and engenders greater support.

Finally, the Gate 44 (Truth), which is activated from November 17 – 21, invites us to explore our patterns from the past and encourages us to release old patterns that are out of alignment with our personal truth and our value. We are encouraged to find the lessons and blessings from the pain of the past and to move forward with a new pattern and a deeper sense of our own value.

We are encouraged to claim and defend our True Selves and to live accordingly. We are healing past traumas. We are replenishing our energy reserves. We are seeing money for what it really is and not allowing the numbers in our bank account to define who we are. We are taking bold steps to be Who We Truly Are. We are no longer abdicating our own power to create what we really need and want in our lives.

Of course, sometimes we’re metaphorically ripping off old bandaids and examining old wounds during this process. Don’t be concerned if it seems like an old pattern gets triggered.Its being triggered for the sake of your own healing. See it for what it is and don’t panic.

Here are some exploratory questions for you to contemplate over these next few weeks:

  • Do you trust that you are supported?
  • Are you doing your “right” work? What is the work that feels aligned with your purpose? How is that work showing up in your life right now?
  • What resources do you have right now that you need to be grateful for?
  • If you didn’t “need” the money, what work would you be doing?


I am in the flow of Divine Support. When I trust the generous nature of the Divine and I cultivate a state of faith, I receive all the opportunities and support that I need to evolve my life and transform the world. I know that the right work shows up for me and I am fulfilled in the expression of my life force energy.

On a deeper level, we are rewriting our collective story about money and support. We are in the midst of creating a new Quantum Economy that is rooted in a currency of well-being and that values all life simply because it exists. We are learning that we are all precious and worthy of compassion, love and support and we’re exploring how to live and create from this energy. But, you have to learn it for yourself first before you can share it with the world.

You truly ARE worthy of receiving everything you need to be who you are.

You are a cosmic once-in-a-lifetime event!

From my Heart to Yours,