6 Replies to “Weekly Human Design Evolution Report – Big Shifts in Neptune…YIPPEE!!”

  1. Karen, this was so helpful! I have been wondering why I just don’t want to get things moving and here is the answer. After, 1/22! I’m heading out of town and return on the 20th so after that will put my energies into my book announcement and my indiegogo campaign to get the cards to accompany the book printed.

    It is has been a heavy last couple of years. I am so ready for the shift. This report has been so affirming.

    Surrender and trust, surrender and trust, surrender and trust, surrender and trust.

    Did I mention surrender and trust 😉

    Thanks, Karen K

  2. THANK YOU Karen! I get such a lift every time I hear or read anything you put out. Your genuine sincerity and honest exposure of yourself makes you irresistible, and the news and information you share always inspires and grounds. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate having you here on this journey.

  3. Karen you inspire me to continue on my journey. Moving into a “retired from corporate” mode is a bit fearful for me so your words help bolster my intention to really begin. Love it all. Thanks,

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