Very special HD update for August 12, 2014

This week’s Human Design update is a little different than usual.  I will post a short Evolution Report at the end.  I was planning on making a big announcement today but I will wait until tomorrow because I want you to really integrate what I have to say today.

The news of Robin William’s death has left us all shocked and deeply saddened.  Whenever anyone kills themselves I have to run their Human Design chart and try to figure out what drove them the end their human experience.  Not because I’m morbid or creepy, but because I’ve been a student of human pain for my entire adult life and I’m always trying to find ways to make the human experience less painful and more joyful.

In the Human Design chart, all those lines and gates in the body graph run in groups or circuits that are thematically related to each other.

There are three kinds of circuits, Collective, Tribal and Individual.  If you have a lot of Collective energy in your chart, you will be concerned with larger issues such as government or politics and have a more expansive perspective on the world.  If you have a lot of Tribal energy in your chart, your friends, family and loved ones will be very important to you and you will fight to the death for them, if necessary.  If you have a lot of Individual energy, you are here to bring change to the world by being different.

To learn more about circuitry click here and scroll down to listen to The Secrets of the Gates and Channels Revealed:




Robin William’s chart reveals that he was a man who cared.  Deeply. With strong Tribal definition in the 50/27 and the 40/37 his family, friends and values were very important to him.

He also carried Individual energy in his Sacral and Root through the 3/60.

Robin’s Sacral, his workforce and life-force energy, was Individual and Tribal by definition.  He was designed to do unusual work that made us transform and to do it in a way that reflected his values and his caring.  He certainly did that.

But there is a challenge with Individual energy, especially when it’s mixed with Tribal energy in a chart.  Individual energy, because it is here to be different, often feels out of synch and very alone in the world.  Tribal energy instills in us a strong desire to belong.  When these two energies come together, as they did in Robin’s chart, it creates a feeling of being alone in a crowd, even if the crowd adores you.

Robin had an open G-Center.  The G-Center is the big diamond in the middle of the chart.  It is the energy center for love and direction.  There are eight gates associated with the G-Center.  What the gates of the G-Center show us is that our life direction is determined by how much we love ourselves, feel empowered, how authentic we are with our unique contribution to the world, how willing we are to surrender the past and move forward with awareness and forgiveness, by our connection with Spirit, by the health of our physical body, by the resources we allow ourselves to receive and by our desire to make a difference for our fellow man.

When we express our highest potential as humans, we love ourselves, organize ourselves in egalitarian ways, let go of the past, trust God, take care of our bodies, know how to access and create all the resources we need to express our life purpose and work to take care of our fellow man.

When we struggle with self-love, empowerment, authenticity, letting go of the past, our spiritual connection, taking care of our bodies and allowing our physical support and we hurt each other, we are living out the lowest expression of being human.

Your life direction (determined by your G-center) will take you exactly where you need to go in life to learn whatever you need to learn to bring out the best of your human potential.  The real challenge is accepting the direction of our life as a lesson and not spiraling deeper into victimhood and self-loathing.

When the G-center is undefined (colored in white on the chart), it is very common for people to question their own lovability.  Often people with an open G also struggle with self-awareness.  It’s quite possible that Robin had no clue how deeply loved and adored he was.

That’s probably true for most of us.

This becomes a double-whammy in Robin’s chart because he also carried the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love and Empowerment in his Kiron.  Kiron is a planetoid that shows us our life purpose but it is also a place where we carry our deepest wounds.  It is in the healing of our Kiron wounds that we fulfill our life purpose and achieve our true wisdom in life.

Gate 10

Robin’s Kiron shows us that struggling with self-love was one of his greatest challenges and his biggest wound.  It also shows that part of his life purpose was to remind us of how lovable we are.

A friend of mine on Facebook shared a story of a chance encounter with Robin that she had in an elevator on her way to a doctor’s appointment.  She was star struck and struggled to say something to Robin, who was sharing the tiny space with her.  Finally, she managed to squeak out, “It’s you”.  Robin simply smiled back at her and replied,

“No, it’s you”.

It think that about sums it up.

We’ll never know what demons Robin really wrestled with.  The brain and the body can torture us in some pretty horrific ways.  My prayer is that we use these kinds of losses to deepen our commitment to discovering ways to heal pain of all kinds in our world, starting first with our own and then doing our best to prevent perpetuating cycles of pain on this planet.

I want to leave you with two quotations from my book, Understanding Human Design.

“If you want to make a difference in the world and create a world of sustainable peace and abundance, you have to start first by living a life that is a reflection in consciousness of what you want to see in the world. In other words, you must be abundant, peaceful, and authentic in your life in every way. When you live in this state of consciousness, you add to the critical mass of this energy on the earth. And when enough of us are abundant, peaceful, and authentic in consciousness, then we will see radical change on our planet. The greatest gift you can give the world is you. The True You.”


“One of the greatest sources of pain in life is the disconnect between the self you perceive yourself to be and the authentic self.”

Be your big, beautiful, amazing brilliant Self and know that you are truly lovable!!!

And don’t be afraid to ask for a little help.  We are designed to need each other.




Your Weekly Human Design Evolution Report

We start the week in the Gate 7, moving into the Gate 4, the Gate of the Answer in the Sun.  This is a week of clarity.  All the questions that you’ve had percolating for the last few weeks have the possibility of being answered this week.  Just remember, that the true answers will come to mind but must also show up according to your Human Design Strategy.  Don’t use your head for direction…it’s just a place to think about things…


The Earth starts in the Gate 13, and moves to the Gate 49, the Gate of Revolution on Tuesday.  Our answers will be revolutionary.  But, a word of caution here, revolution can be instant and sudden reaction to a breach of values.  The answers this week come from the head first.  Beware of leaping into great change without making sure that it feels right and getting corroborating evidence from the Universe.  This is not a good week to jump to conclusions and throw the baby out with the bathwater.


Mercury moves out of the Gate 4, the Gate of Answers to the Gate 29, the Gate of Commitment.  We are committed to discovering new and better ways of communication or we spend time this week discussing our commitments.  This is a great week to clarify your intentions in your partnerships and relationships.  This level of clear and conscious communication will serve as a powerful foundation as we move forward in the year.


Venus moves from the Gate 56, the Gate of the Storyteller, to the Gate 31, the Gate of Democratic Leadership on Thursday.  We now assume a renewed leadership role in sharing our values based on the new stories we’ve been creating for ourselves.  It’s a great time to take action on living in a brand new way!


Mars is in the Gate 44, the Gate of Transmission, all week.  We are sharing what we know and sense, sharing our new stories and bringing the lessons from the past into the present so we can keep moving forward without making the same mistakes.  Be careful not to get stuck in old stories.  It’s all about being new.


The outer planets stay stable, supporting us in waking up to new ways of taking leadership with our unique creative contributions to the world, showing us the vital importance of being totally authentic, helping us remember what is truly valuable as we seek new ways to create an era of sustainable peace and resources.


Have a wonderful week!

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