Using Human Design on Behalf of Awakening – QAS Show

Special Event – A Conversation with Robin Winn and Pali Summerlin

Using Human Design on Behalf of Awakening

Come and watch the conversation between two extraordinary women. They will be talking about Using Human Design On Behalf of Awakening.❤️

When that lens falls away, you are just present on behalf of your Design (your contribution)… Pali

If you are interested in attending a private group session continuing the conversation with Robin and Pali – please email lightentheload123@gmail.com  This is the fund-raiser for Pali, Robin mentions

Robin Winn is an author, a therapist turned coach, and a Level Four Human Design Specialist. She has just written a book called Understanding Your Clients Through Human Design: A Breakthrough Technology to Make Your Work Easier.

To pre-order: https://amzn.to/324l6Sr

To contact Robin visit her Specialist page

Pali Summerlin is a spiritual teacher and consciousness coach. She supports people in awakening out of this fear-based illusion. Pali utilizes a powerful process – Six Steps to Freedom – which leads to lightening the load of suffering, Check out Pali’s retreats at www.dolphinsatsang.com, or contact her for private sessions at paliana7@gmail.com

If you would like your own Human Design Chart visit: https://freehumandesignchart.com

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