Unraveling the Mysteries of Emotion

Feelings….the Creative Power of the Emotional Solar Plexus

Emotions can be tricky.

Our “feelings” cause us to react, leap spontaneously, recoil or even hide and avoid uncomfortable emotional situations. Emotions cause us to feel anxious, overeat, shut down, explode or be happy.

But emotional energy is so much more than “feelings”. Your emotional energy is the most creative energy available to you. Knowing how your emotional energy is hard-wired and how to consciously use your emotional energy to create what you want in your life is crucial.

Half of you have our own intense emotional energy that regulates how we get clear about our decisions. The other of you are empathic and emotionally sensitive and, if you don’t understand your empathic nature, make decisions in life based on how everybody else feels.

When you understand your emotional energy you not only gain a greater degree of mastery over yourself and discover how to create what’s right for you, you also gain access to a tremendous amount of creative power.

Please join me for this week’s Quantum Alignment Show. You’ll discover how your unique emotional hard-wiring influences how you experience life, how to gain mastery over your emotions without shutting them down and how to deepen your love and acceptance for yourself (and for others!)

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