HD Evolution Report 9-17-2019

䷅ Hexagram 6 – Emotional Balance The energy for diplomacy and the capacity to craft peace or fight for what’s right. Affirmation: I surrender myself to life. I trust that when I wait, the elegant solution to the challenges I perceive will reveal themselves to me.I listen with my heart and wait…

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Human Design Evolution Report 9-9-2019

䷮ Gate 47 – Epiphany The energy to receive the information about “how” to implement an idea.Can’t be forced.You have to wait for the instructions and answers to reveal themselves. Affirmation: I wait with delighted anticipation and marvel and the curious way the Universe manifests my desires. I keep my mindset…

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HD Evolution Report 8-20-2019

䷜ Hexagram 29 – Commitment The energy for devotion and endurance that can lead to an unusual level of success. Affirmation: As I prepare myself to emerge from my creative cocoon, I carefully examine my actions and make sure that my commitments are in alignment with my intentions. I only say…

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