HD Evolution Report 5-14-2019

MAY 10, 2019 ䷖ Hexagram 23 – Explanation The ability to take new ideas and paradigms, break them down into small pieces and explain the ideas clearly to others. Affirmation: My greatest strength is my ability to be still and wait to be asked to share the vision I hold. I…

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Human Design Evolution Report 5-7-2019

MAY 4, 2018 ䷁ Hexagram 2 – Support The energy to realize and align with being fully supported in all ways to fulfill your life purpose. Receiving and gratitude. Affirmation: I am always moving towards beauty. All of my challenges and struggles have given me the lessons to move me forward.…

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Human Design Evolution Report 4-8-2019

Hexagram 51 – Awakening ䷲ The energy to awaken others to their own connection to Spirit.The capacity to use your own shocking experiences to deepen your spiritual understanding and your service to the world. Affirmation: I have the inner strength to deflect all outer shock. I am the manifestation of Spirit in…

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