Trust Your Gut…(and hold on…)

Sense or sensibility - Brain or heart

It’s been a series of intense weeks and, not gonna lie, it’s going to continue to be a “bumpy” month.

BUT, here’s the thing.  Remember when the energy gets bumpy, the purpose is to push you into your growth.  Right now, everything that is keeping you from deeply surrendering to the Abundance of Life is going to come up in your face.  You might feel anxious, afraid, nervous, unsettled, unsure and more but this is just the energy that we experience when we move past our comfort zone.

Comfort zones are sweet and nice, great places to rest temporarily, but if you get too set in staying in your comfort zone, it can quickly turn into a jail.  The longer you sit in the comfort zone, the harder it is to get out.

When we push up against the edges of our deepest fears, those fears that keep us from being true to ourselves, the only way to deal with the fear is to move through it.  Sometimes you ARE going to be alone, struggle, feel like you are losing everything….  But you will discover, once the fires settle down and everything realigns, that what you get on the other side is harmonious, better, authentic, powerful and real.  True Abundance in every way.

We are not designed to sustain choices and identities that are not authentic.  It takes a LOT of energy to maintain a facade.  And your Authentic Self eventually catches up with the illusions you are spinning.

You will be okay.

That being said, this is not meant to be a scary time.  It’s a liberating, thrilling, exciting, dynamic, passionate, clear, powerful and intense energy that is supporting you in transforming your life into what it was designed to be…

We started the week in the Gate 48, Depth, moving into the Gate 57, Intuition on Saturday.  We are going deep into the underworld of our psyche and deep into the awarenesses we need to have the clarity to know what needs to be done to transform.  Trust your intuition and beware of self-doubt.  Your insights at the end of the week won’t be “logical” but they are valid.

The Earth is in the Gate 21, The Treasurer moving to the Gate 51, Shock and Initiation on Saturday.  There is a beautiful contrast between these two energies.  We think we are in charge and control until the Gate 51, dances through our lives showing us that our ultimate power and destiny are revealed to us when we surrender to the unexpected.  Be prepared for the unexpected when this energy transits.  And know that you are being initiated into something bigger and better when you stop resisting and controlling.

Mercury is in the Gate 46, the Love of the Body, all week and we are deeply engaged in our physical experience.  This is a powerful, sensual energy that urges us to express our full potential in our physical reality.  Your body is a barometer for the health of your soul.  What is it saying to you this week?  What needs to change?

Venus starts in the Gate 29, Commitment, and moves to the Gate 59, Penetration, on Friday.  Romantically these are both juicy energies and we are evaluating and enjoying our relationships.

Mars is in the Gate 40, Aloneness, for the rest of the week and we may feel alone even with others.  Remember that the loneliness of the Gate 40 is all about that cosmic nudge to connect with others.  Don’t take the loneliness personally but rather ask yourself where you are holding yourself back from sharing what you know with others.

We see a big shift in Jupiter, the planet of blessings and expansion this week moving from the 40, aloneness to the Gate 64, Confusion.  Confusion is a confusing name for this Gate.  It’s not really confusing as much as it is the energy for giant Cosmic downloads.  The thing is, these downloads don’t come with instructions so you have to wait for the rest of the process, inspiration, idea, manifestation to appear when the timing is right and in the interim, you have to wait.  Patiently.  If you let is unfold it will be magical.

The outer planets hold steady, lighting up the chart with lots of Sacral energy and Will energy.   As I cautioned you last week, be mindful of your energy and pace yourself.  You’ll have a lot of energy to get things done but you’ll fare better over the long run if you pace yourself and allow yourself to rest consistently…not just when you fry your circuits!!!

The theme right now is to master the art of surrendering to something bigger than yourself.  Your True Power will be unleashed when you allow Spirit and Life to flow through you and you serve as an instrument for the Divine.  Ask the Universe or God or whatever you may call it, to place you where you can be of the greatest service to the Greater Good each and every day.  Raise your hands up and asked to be placed where Life needs you the most and you will be fulfilled in ways that you never even dreamed of.

It’s temping to try to power through things right now.  But the true power that is available to you comes when you surrender and let Life unfold.  It’s tricky, but so worth it!

Have a wonderful week!




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