Throat Center Expression and Biofield Tuning-QAS Show

Join Sandra Lee and Alana Heim as they discuss the Human Design Throat Center and Biofield Tuning during this Quantum Alignment Show.

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Being Seen?
  • Being Heard?
  • Being Recognized and Appreciated?
  • Self Expression?
  • Getting Things Done?
  • Accomplishing Goals?

Everyone wants those things. Of course we do.

Human Design helps us understand our experiences. Today, we discuss the dynamics of the Throat Center, including these struggle areas.

Then we add into the mix, … Sound! Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks and sound to help people be calm, energized, and empowered, able to think clearly and make wise decisions. It helps them be energetically in alignment with their goals and intentions.

As a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Human Design Specialist, Sandra Lee finds combining the modalities to be incredibly powerful. Particularly when it comes to Throat Center blocks!

Can Biofield Tuning help you clear what is blocking your Self Expression?

Resources mentioned:

Creating the Future Group Session Series – https://miracleinspirations.com/tuning

The Global Healing session – https://miracleinspirations.com/tuning-global

Success with Projects – https://miracleinspirations.com/success-with-projects

Biofield Tuning forks – https://biofieldtuningstore.com/

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