This week promises to set the tone for how we’re going to experience the next few weeks, how we’re going to weather this pandemic and to help us decide how we want to use this massive cycle of disruption as catalyst for transformation.

The big theme for this week is aligning patterns.The question is what pattern are we going to align with and continue to manifest?Or will be take a quantum leap and being an entirely new pattern.

With the Sun in the Gate 17, the Gate of Anticipation and the Earth in the Gate 18, the Gate of Re-Alignment, we are deeply entrenched in Logical energy. Both of these gates are in the Logical Circuit.Logic, in Human Design, is all about using patterns to predict the future.

Science, which is an artifact of logical circuity, finds truth in its ability to create a statistical probability that an outcome is valid based on whether an experiment can be repeated with the same or similar result.

Nature is logical. There are patterns within nature that allow us to predict the future and act accordingly. For example, we know that certain seasons dictate when we plant our gardens and, if we follow the seasons, we get a predicable result.

Whether we want to admit it or not, our current reality is the result of our collective patterns.

In response to the virus, humanity has acted or reacted in alignment with its current patterns of thought, actions and beliefs. If you look at the different outcomes in different countries, the foundational pattern of the cultural response to the virus has influenced, to a certain degree, the results – including the mortality rate – in the individual countries.

With the Sun in the Gate 17, Anticipation, we are trying to anticipate and plan for what’s next. We’re looking for the pattern and longing for when things return to “normal” – when the pattern returns so that we can anticipate what’s next.

But this isn’t 2009 and the recession. This isn’t the Great Depression. We are experiencing something new and we may have no “back” to return to, giving us no choice but to move forward.

With Uranus in Taurus, the unexpected is the norm. We have been anticipating for a while that the rug under our collective feet would be pulled out from under us. We are in a cycle of massive transformation.

These cycles of transformation have three parts; disruption, liminality (the void) and resolution.

To make change, we have to start first by experiencing a disruption of the known – a breaking of the pattern.

Disruption causes us to have to redefine who we think we are and it terrifies us because it spits us out into a state of not knowing what to do next. The pattern is broken and we emerge into liminality or what I like to call the “Void”.

We are currently in a collective Void. We don’t know who we are any more. We don’t know what to expect or what’s next and, those of us who are more “logically” inclined are worried. We don’t know what the new pattern is going to be so how to we get ready and how do we navigate the unknown?

But there is a tremendous blessing in the Void if we know how to use the power of this time. The Sun and our New Moon today (also in the Gate 17) are illuminating the cries of our souls. Many of us have been asking for change for a while and here it is…

We are vulnerable in the Void. Its easy if you don’t have a “map” for where you’re headed to want to go back. But if you go back you miss the tremendous opportunity in front of you. We are being invited to explore what new patterns do we want to create? What is the point “B” on our collective map? What do we want? How do we want our lives to change? As we are going deeper into the Void and the old pattern is continuing to shatter, how do we want to redefine who we are, what we want and what we want to be creating? Powerful and important questions…

The Void can also be scary because it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. We are trying to steer ourselves without a detailed map. We don’t know the “how” of the next step of our journey so we have no choice but to surrender and let the next step reveal itself. There is no amount of thinking or figuring out that can get you through the Void. You must simply surrender.

We are without limitations right now. This is a time of huge creative expansion that promises to transform our world immensely when we consciously steer the flow of our creative potential. Your most important job, when you’re in the Void, is to dream. Many of us are feeling that pull deeply, literally feeling tired and needing to sleep. The Void is inviting us to let go and allow our slumber to restore us and to allow us to explore new frontiers of possibility in our imagination.

The next right steps will present themselves, but not yet. We must first consciously choose who we want to become and what we want our new world to look like.We do have control and we do have choices, but not if we abdicate our creative power.

The Sun in the Gate 17 is teaching us to use the power of our minds to explore potentials and possibilities that stretch our ideas about what else is possible in the human condition. We are invited to use our thoughts to inspire others to think bigger and bolder and to use our words to inspire and set the stage for creating energy that expands potential.

We are no longer in the Age of Information. We are entering the Age of Inspiration, an era where we use our inspired condition to create beyond the limitation of the old patterns.What else is possible for us?What new patterns will we create?

We are learning this week from the Sun and the Moon to share our thoughts about possibilities only when people ask for them, to serve as Sacred Stewards for our Inspiration and to not let doubt and suspicion keep us from seeing the potential of positive outcomes.

With the Earth in the Gate 18, the Gate of Re-Alignment, we are grounding in our ability see patterns that needs correcting and to wait for the right timing and circumstances to correct and align them. Ultimately we when realign our patterns, we learn to create a deeper state of joy.

This week I invite you to explore, much like a child making a wish list for their birthday or Christmas, what do you want in your life? What would you like to be experiencing? Peace? Simplicity? Safety? Food for everyone? Well being? How would your life be different if you were living in a state of joy? Your imaginings help align you with what’s next.

Have a great week!