The Truth is Out There…

compassThe Sun shifts from the Gate 5, Rhythm, to the Gate 26, Truth on Wednesday (December 9) this week.  This is a week of truth.  Our intuition and “B.S.” detectors are working on overdrive and we recognize when we are with the right people in the right time to transmit our own version of Truth.  This is a powerful week to teach and share information that you feel is important for others to know in order to increase their abundance.  It’s also a good time to give counsel and support to your loved ones.  We’ll listen better this way, provided you are coming from your heart.

This can also be an energy that involve trickery and sneakiness. Trust your gut response.  If it smells fishy, it’s probably fishy.

The Earth moves from the Gate 35, Experience, to the Gate 45, The King/Queen, on Tuesday giving us the energy to confer upon us regal leadership and power.  People will hear you this week.  Be benevolent and empowering with your words and you’ll have a deep impact.

Mercury begins a transit in the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love, also sometimes known as the Gate of Blaming so the way we communicate with each other has the power to lift us up and empower us or to tear us down and drag us into victim consciousness.  This is the energy that defines our definition of who we think we “am” and what we speak about our selves and others has tremendous power to become manifest and truth if we’re not careful.  Use your words with great care and love this week.

Venus is in the Gate 28, the Gate of Challenge, meeting up with the Gate 38, the Fighter, in Pluto.  This is a difficult transit if you don’t have the right attitude and if you allow yourself to sink into victim mode.  The purpose of this energy is to push us to discover what is truly meaningful and worth fighting or persevering for.  Change has challenge built into it because new thoughts, ideas and perspectives need to prove themselves useful and valuable.  It preserves us from jumping off metaphorical cliffs.

Mars is in the Gate 57, Intuition, coupled with the Gate 26 in the Sun, we are super-charged with intuitive awareness and our guts will tell us what is right and not.  If you meet with inner resistance this week, pay attention.  You are deeply attuned to what is True for you and if it doesn’t feel right, honor that.  There is magic and divine timing at hand this week and you are being supported in pursuing what is right for you!

The outer planets hold steady reminding us that no matter what our current reality looks like, we will create what we want when we focus our thoughts and perspectives on gratitude, what IS working and what we want.  Don’t worry about “how” things will happen.   Just hold a vision for what you want, don’t get sucked down a rabbit hole of darkness, and keep taking that basic one step, one foot in front of the other foot and keep your spirits high.  Keep your faith in the leap of faith.  Keep your faith in the human race.  Keep the sunshine on your face and be glad you will survive!

All is well.




We are now working with the 26th hexagram, The Taming Power of the Great.

This is the energy for integrity, transmission (sales) and bringing the lessons from the past into the present.  We will now be called to transmit or sell what we have been working on.  This is a powerful time to prepare to launch a new idea or product, have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone and share your intimate truth.

In Human Design, the 26th Hexagram is part of tribal circuitry. Tribal circuitry cares and cares deeply.  With this energy we care about what we are sharing and what others share with us. It is also the energy for sales, transmitting ideas and integrity.  While this energy transits, we will be called forth to be truthful, in integrity and and to share and launch our dreams.

The energy of this transit reminds us to take our time, connect with each other, evaluate our urges to purchase and take stock of what it truly valuable.  It’s a great time to share ideas, dreams and visions and to start something that you’ve been planning for a while.

The 26 reminds us to seek that which is truly valuable, to trust our own intuition and to act with integrity with ourselves as well as with others.


I speak and act with integrity.  My actions and words are in alignment with my intentions.  I take my time to speak the perfect words because I know that my words are representations of my heart and my inspirations.  I care deeply about my impact and I listen with love to those around me.  I take my time and act in alignment with my values and I share my heart freely with my loved ones.

Writing Assignment:

  1. Are your actions and words in alignment with your intentions?  What might you need to do to bring them into alignment?
  2. What truths do you need to share from your heart? What heart-to-heart connections do you need to make this week?
  3. What do you truly value in your life? Are you sharing your appreciation?

EFT Setup:
Even though I am afraid to share my Truth, I now choose to speak my truth clearly and confidently and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


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