The Truth About Truth

The Truth about Truth Why Compromise Isn’t Healthy and Why You Need to be in Integrity with Yourself.

In this Quantum Alignment Show we’re going to be discussing why you need to be in integrity with yourself.

We’re going to examine where integrity lives in the Human Design chart and how you can take concrete actions to stop compromising and start living in alignment with your Authentic Self and creating your Dreams!

We are deeply conditioned to “fit in” and give up what we need and want. Many of us learn to compromise, hide our true Desires and live a life that is less than what we dreamed for ourselves.

We tell ourselves that we’ll get back to our dreams when we make enough money, when we’re older or when our life’s circumstances seem more supportive of our dreams…

…only to find that the timing is never right, the money isn’t always enough and our lives keep rolling forward without our tending to our Dreams.

Contemplation: What needs to be healed, released, aligned and brought to my awareness for me to fully express my Value?

Essential Oil: Self-Worth 
Essential Oil: Empowerment

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Karen Curry Parker, Founder & Creator
Quantum Human Design for Everyone Training System™ and the Quantum Alignment System™

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