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Anxiety and stress

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I hope this Update finds you navigating the world with a sense of peace.

Research is showing that the year 2021 is the worst year on record for wellbeing.  People are reporting feeling sadder and more anxious than ever.

Anxiety and stress
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Isolation, fear, divisiveness, the threat of global warming, a major pandemic…with all of these factors and more, many of us are struggling, even children.

People often ask me where to find anxiety in the Quantum Human Design chart.

Over the next few weeks, I want to explore with you how elements in your chart might be making your anxiety worse and how you can use the information in your chart to help you manage anxiety.

Please note, this is not in any way intended to replace professional help if you need extra support. We are simply going to explore possibilities in relation to the Human Design chart.

I’m going to keep these little notes about anxiety simple and easy to follow. You might want to have your chart handy each week to follow along. 

Before we begin, I want to emphasize one very important point.

The chart often explains the mechanics of what you’re experiencing in many areas of your life, but the Human Design chart doesn’t explain everything. Use it as a tool to help you go deeper into understanding the complexities and nuances of who you are.

What is Anxiety

To begin this series, let’s explore the definition of “anxiety”. According to the dictionary, anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

According to the American Psychological Association, anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.

People with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. They may avoid certain situations out of worry. They may also have physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, dizziness or a rapid heartbeat.

Quantum Human Design, Spleen and Root CenterAnxiety triggers adrenaline and cortisol production in the body, two hormones associated with stress and regulated by the Root Center and the Spleen Center in the Human Design chart.

The beauty of understanding the Root Center and the Spleen Center is that both of these Centers give us a “code” for managing stress and anxiety.

We’ll cover these “codes” in the next couple of weeks, but this week I want to start with a very simple thought. This thought is built on some core principles that you might have forgotten.

I’m going to list them here:

  1. You are highly intuitive
  2. You are designed to know your Truth
  3. You are designed to follow your Truth and what feels good, right and correct for you.
  4. You are designed to follow what brings you joy

Core PrinciplesYou’re not designed to suffer, endure situations that aren’t aligned with what’s good and right for you, blot out your intuitive response, deny yourself or tolerate a situation that feels wrong. And yet we do this on a daily basis.

We are conditioned to be nice and polite. We spend a lot of our time engineering a polite reason to bow out of situations that don’t feel right to us. If something feels “wrong” but we don’t know the reason why, we often ignore our intuition and forge forward because we’re not trained to trust ourselves.

If you have an Open Emotional Solar Plexus, an open Sacral Center, an Open G-Center or the Gate 19, you are sensitive by design. (This is not a totally inclusive list. If you FEEL sensitive, even if its not in your chart, then allow yourself to KNOW that you are sensitive.)

Your sensitivity might be telling you that you’re not living in a way that feels true and aligned for you.

Here’s the deal.

Most of us want the following (or some variation of this):

  • We want creative pauses that aren’t focused towards “DOING” something but simply focus on being in joy and contemplation. We want just a few minutes in the day to breathe and appreciate.
  • We want restoration and enough rest to heal burnout.
  • We want peace.
  • We want to be passionate about our lives and what we’re doing.
  • We want good, healthy food and to eat for nourishment. We want to divorce ourselves from the stigma of food and body image.
  • We want intimacy, true connection with our partners and to feel sexy and sexual in ways that embody intimacy and our own power.
  • We want to feel confident and deeply rooted in our bodies, to be able to speak our Truth and to be sovereign over our own lives.
  • We want to feel seen, heard and loved.
  • We want abundance, safety and fulfillment for our children, grandchildren and for all the children of the world.
  • We want justice for everyone.
  • We want support, community and connection – to find those places where we have things in common with each other instead of feeling divided and separate.
  • We want to be released from the pain and fear of the past so we can define for ourselves who we choose to be.
  • We want abundance and power so that we are no longer creating out of fear and so that we have enough to share.
  • We want to know our purpose and to live it out fully, without guilt apology or feeling like we have to put it off until we fulfill our social and societal obligations.
  • We want to feel inspired and hopeful about the events happening in the world.
  • We want to really live our love for our family and friends in a healthy, limitless way.
  • We want to fall deeply in love with ourselves.
  • We want to fully tap into our vitality and our full aliveness.
  • We want to express ourselves fully without guilt, shame or feeling like we need to form our words and the tone of our voices to make it pleasing for others.

These are all powerful and natural drives that are rooted in our need to experience the full spectrum of our self-love and self-worth.

Our Inner Voice Begging to Get OutSome of our anxiety is a result of us ignoring the constant internal signals that we are giving ourselves that we need to make a change. Our anxiety is the sound of our inner voice begging us to listen to our inner Truth.

Something feels “off” or “not right” and we’re afraid we can’t do what we need to do to align ourselves with something better.

Getting into alignment with your Human Design and your inner Authority, can help you fine tune some of the inner restlessness and anxiety that you may be feeling.

When is your anxiety triggered?

What message does it have for you?

What is it that you are really afraid of?

Are you ignoring the message?

In spite of what you may have been taught, life is not about enduring situations that are taking you away from your joy.

You are not designed to put off your joy until you retire. (Believe me, I have a lot of retired clients who are still not pursuing their joy!)

You are designed to boldly move forward towards your fulfillment. If you’re not, your anxiety might be a signal from your higher self that somethings a little “off” on your trajectory.

Again, this is a very simple exploration and not intended to downplay some of the other significant causes of anxiety. Please feel into these words with self-love, self-acceptance and be gentle with yourself.

We’ll explore more next week when we talk about the Gate 26 and Integrity.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,


Jamila Jamie

Jamila Jamie joined the team in 2020 and is now the Director of the Quantum Alignment System™, which is the advanced integrated Professional Training created by Karen Curry Parker that blends the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Quantum Human Design™, subtle body therapies (quantum essential oils & quantum flower essences) and traditional coaching. She is the point of contact from the moment you sign up for QAS Professional Training all the way through Certification. Jamila is the creator of the powerful Flower Essences used in this program.

Jamila is a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Mother of one son, three precious fur babies 🐶🐾 and in true Time Bender fashion is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

She is a Quantum Energist, Certified Homeopath, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner & Quantum Human Design Specialist as well as certified in numerous other energy healing and psychology techniques.

From as long as she can remember she was always able to see and know things about people by being able to “read” their energy. An avid learner and self-proclaimed geek, she has been delving in Human Design for over 10 years and uses this as the guidepost in all her work.

Jamila is also the creator of Quantum Essences. A unique and powerful holistic line of what her clients call “magical potions” 🪄 that elevate energy healing and help you realign with your energy template.

Jamila has written for several established websites and magazines. It is her passion to help women liberate their energy and take back their power, so they live authentically…Bold, Fierce, & Free.

Kristin Anne

Kristin Anne joined the team in 2020 and is now the Chief Operating Officer (COO) overseeing and managing the daily operations of the Quantum Alignment System, LLC in its purpose and mission of waking people up to their innate creativity and unlimited possibility through modeling and teaching grace, contribution and alignment with the Cosmic Plan.

Kristin is Made to Love ❤️ it’s what she does, it’s Who she is. She even has it tattooed on her left forearm so it’s the first thing she sees when waking up every day as a reminder of why she’s here. Everything she does, says and shares is from the abundance and overflow of Love that just oozes out of her (and not because her life has been all sunshine and roses, it’s her dark days and life experiences that have refined her into the Light she is today.) It’s why regardless of what her day was like or what’s going on in the world she can lay her head down at night and wake up each morning in deep deep gratitude for being Alive and still having people in her life that she gets to Love and serve.

She now gets the honor and privilege of being the person in people’s lives that she used to wish was in hers. She has over 20 years of business management and administration experience. She’s obsessed with process improvement, organization, streamlining, simplification, details and communication. (Oh and Checklists! ✅ Can’t forget the checklists.)

She’s a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Gemini Sun & Moon and Leo Rising, Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, Yoga and Reiki Practitioner. She is also a wife to an amazing and supportive partner, Momma of two precious fur babies 🐶🐾 and Soul Sister to many incredible friends who she considers family, a bunch of who she’s met through the beautiful and amazing community that Karen has built.

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