The Truth about ADD & Other Myths about Learning-QAS Show

The Truth about ADD & Other Myths about Learning

In this week’s Quantum Alignment Show Karen Curry Parker is talking about how the CDC claims that 11% of children suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, yet post-mortem studies show that .01% of people actually have the brain changes consistent with ADD. Recent studies suggest that over 20% of children diagnosed with ADD are misdiagnosed.

In this episode, Karen will to talk about learning styles and how they show up in the Human Design chart.

You’re going to learn:

1. The three ways of learning and how to identify what you need to learn and remember information.

2. Where ADD-like “symptoms” show up in the Human Design chart and how to maximize the blessings and gifts of these energies.

3. What you -or your children -need in your environment to facilitate learning.

4. How you are smart – your unique way of processing information and data.

5. How to heal past judgements you may have experienced about your unique learning style.


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