The Purpose of Struggle – QAS Show

The Purpose of Struggle with Betsy Batista

Have you ever thought to yourself, why are all these problems coming to me? Or is the Universe now just dumping challenges on me?

We’ve all been there. When all of a sudden out of nowhere, we are straddled with a seemingly unsurmountable problem, whether it is your health, finances or family. We have all had to struggle at some point or other. Do these life events just seem to always fall in your lap?

Struggle… appears to be a bad word. Who wants to struggle to get something or keep something or be something…we just want it to be easy, right? Sometimes we get lost in the pain of what we’re experiencing in the moment, we feel stuck in the struggle and don’t know how to get out of it…

Join Betsy as she helps us craft a new story about what struggle can mean.

Do you ever feel like life is harder for you than everyone else, or get lost in the pain of struggle in your life?

You’re not alone.

On this week’s Quantum Alignment Show, Level 3 practitioner, Betsy Batista, will talk about the divine purpose of struggle in the Human Design chart. You’ll learn why struggle does not have to equal suffering, and how to more gracefully navigate the moments that challenge you and push you to your limits – so that you can fully show up for the divine purpose you were born to live!

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