The Core Paradox – QA Show

During this show, you will see how physics can be a direct link to realizing the nature of the mind, body, and ego as it relates to Human Design. All it takes is one deep insight, a sudden realization, or a fresh perspective to see life in an entirely new way. The fundamental nature of paradoxes can seem complex. However, paradoxes only appear complex until you see their beautiful simplicity.

During this week’s Quantum Alignment Show, Quantum Human Design Specialist, James Wilson will guide you through his experience of The Core Paradox, The Core Tridox, and how your Human Design Chart can point you in the direction of your deepest life purpose.

Simplifying complexity is one of the first steps to an amazing life. Within each and every one of us is the capacity to do something amazing in this lifetime. Your Human Design chart can be your “go to” reference on discovering exactly what to do next. Join James for a Quantum Alignment Show that is intended to render many of your existential questions irrelevant and set you on the path to freedom.

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