The Challenges and Magic of being a Projector Quantum Alignment Show

Are you a Projector or know someone who is? Join Human Design Specialist, Elaine Correia for a look behind the scenes, to the challenges that a Projector faces every day and how theses challenges can affect their lives.

As a 4/6 Projector, Elaine has learned the hard way about what it means to be a Projector. A Projector is different and also very magical!

Let’s explore the different kinds of Projectors, the various ways they make decisions, doubts about self worth and more. Unravel the challenges of not being like everyone else and embrace the magical gifts of being a Projector.

Resources mentioned:
Elaine’s website http://www.elainec.com/
Dress For Your Type from Carol Tuttle
Elaine’s previous video on Elemental Style – click here