The Breakthrough Begins….

***No video this week.  I’m sick in bed with pneumonia and I have no voice.

We begin the week with the Gate 1, Self-Expression in the Sun, moving to the Gate 43, Insight on Thursday (November 12).  The Gate 1 is the most Yang of all the Gates, pushing on us and begging of us to make our unique contribution to the world.  When this energy is at play we are either on task with what we came here to do or we are feeling pressured and worried that perhaps we’re not fulfilling our life purpose.

Everyone has a unique and important contribution to make to the world.  Use this energy to evaluate if you are truly aligned with your life purpose and if you’re really allowing yourself the freedom to pursue that contribution that only you can make.  Be aware that this energy can give you some anxiety and pressure if you feel like you’re not on target.  Relax.  There is no pressure here, just the open dialogue between you and the Universe about what else you can do to fully express the brilliance that is you!!

When we shift to the Gate 43 on Thursday, new insights and ideas will emerge and your questions will begin to manifest answers.

The Earth is in the Gate 2, the Receptive, moving to the Gate 23, Assimilation on Thursday.  The Gate 2 is the most yin of all the Gates and is all about having the resources you need to fully express your contribution to the world. You may find this week that you’re thinking about what you need to do to create the support you need.  Thinking is okay, but remember this…

If the chart is an map or blueprint for the human experience, you are DESIGNED to receive all the support you need to fulfill your destiny.  Ask the questions.  Let the Universe answer.  If you are on track with what is Truth for you, you WILL be supported.  It’s natural.

When the Gate 23 influences us starting on Thursday, you’ll being to have new ways of thinking and processing what you know.  Your answers will materialize.

Mercury is playing with the same energies as the Sun.  We start the week in the Gate 1, Self-expression, moving to the Gate 43, Insight, on Sunday.  We are talking to each other about what we are all about.  Expect your conversations to be a reflection of your own inner wonderings this week.  We can help each other figure out our destiny, our brilliance and our contributions to the world.

Venus starts the week in the Gate 46, the Love of the Body, moving to the Gate 18, Correction on Thursday.  The Gate 46 in Venus is about as juicy and sensual as it gets.  A nice energy for connecting with your partner but also a great energy that encourages you to ask your body what it needs to be strong and sustainable in order to support you in fulfilling your Life Purpose.  When we move to the Gate 18 on Thursday, we’ll be more aware of patterns that need to be corrected in order to create more health and vitality.

Mars is also in the Gate 46, the Love of the Body, all week.  We are learning and experimenting with our physical form.  Embrace it.  Dance with it.  Stay grounded and connected to your physical body.

The outer planets hold steady for one more week until next week when we see a welcome shift that supports us all buckling down and getting to work doing what we came here to do.

This week the outer planets remind us that our mindset creates an emotional response that triggers a vibrational frequency that draws to us all of the experiences, wisdom and opportunities we need to fully manifest a world of sustainable peace and resources.  We are most powerful when we allow the Universe to answer our prayers instead of forcing our minds to try to come up with the answers we seek.  Surrender to the flow and you will receive everything you need to change the world.

Have a wonderful week!!




The 43rd Hexagram – Breakthrough

The 43 Hexagram is truly unique in the way that it thinks and processes.  This is the energy for thoughts that are “mutative”, or thoughts which create change.  The struggle with this energy is the ability to articulate these new ideas.  Sometimes when we have new ideas, because their expression is unique and primary, the words for the new paradigm do not exist yet.

This is also a heavily inwardly focused gate.  People with this energy in their natal charts love to think, just for fun!

When we experience this energy in the transits, it supports us in thinking and expression new insights and ideas.  When we wait for others to ask for our insights, this energy can be a powerful catalyst for transformation, both for yourself and for others.  (The key is waiting for others to ask first.  Otherwise you run the risk of being perceived as being “too out there…”)


Affirmation:  I take time to enjoy my thoughts.  I allow myself to begin to formulate new ideas and inspirations that can create change in my life and in the life of others.  I recognize and allow for my own brilliance and serve this brilliance by waiting for the right people to ask me for my insights.  My thoughts and ideas are valuable and I trust that what I have to share is valuable to the right people.  I attract the right support, circumstances and opportunities that align with my new ideas.


Writing Assignment:

1.        Take some time to “brain dump” all your current thoughts, ideas and inspirations.  Can you see a pattern of something new emerging?  Are you on the cusp of a “breakthrough” in your own  consciousness or your mindset?


EFT Setup:  Even though it’s hard to wait for someone to ask me for my insights, I now choose to wait and know that my thoughts are valuable and precious.  I only share them with people who value my insights and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

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  1. Hey Karen. Thanks for the info, few of my own gates being activated in this lot, thanks for the heads up and the helpful brain dump and EFT info.
    Hope those healing angels are on side now and you are getting the wellness you desire.
    Many,many blessings and thanks for all your creative input and all the long hours you put in to help educate us, so we gain better alignment with our full potential to live the lives of our dreams.
    Kia Ora from Kiwi land,

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