The Beginning of the New Year: Unifying our Minds and Building our New World, Together

Every year we begin the New Year by sowing the seeds of our dreams, born of our imagination.

As we begin this new year, as Cosmic Revolutionaries on a journey to transform the world, let’s unify our minds and hold a vision of the world we’re building together.

Let’s imagine a world of sustainable, equitable peace – a world where everyone is abundant, well fed, and has easy access to sustainable sources of clean water.

A world where all people have easy access to integrated health care that supports the full expression of their health and vitality.

A world where all people feel loved, empowered, and able to make their unique contribution to the world.

A world where we all heal the karma and the pain of the past and only bring forward the lessons and the blessings from what we’ve experienced, and the intention to write a new story of humanity that is equitable and just.

A world where we take our direction in life from our spiritual connection and our connection to the unique, vital and irreplaceable role that only we can play – where we are guided by our desire to contribute to the greater good of humanity and we embrace the many diverse spiritual paths that we collectively and individually choose to follow.

Let’s imagine a world where everyone is safe from war, hatred, discrimination, and terror. Where we see the Heart of each other and we honor the unique expression of each and every one of us.

A world where we are free to choose who and how we love, and we embrace the many faces and facets of love.

A world where we embody the understanding that WE are because YOU are, and without YOU, each and every one of you, We would not be who We are.

A world where all children are loved, nurtured, and welcomed.

Where all people are free and have easy access to education and can follow their dreams and their destinies – and are celebrated on their unique journey of discovery and mastery.

Where experience is honored and valued and we understand that sometimes wisdom can only come from experience and time so that not only do we celebrate our children, we celebrate our mothers, our fathers, our grandmothers, and our grandfathers.

A world where words are used to uplift, create, empower, love, and honor each other.

A world where we live in alignment with nature and where we assume our place as humble inhabitants and care for our planet and her resources with the deep awareness that each of our individual actions have the capacity to affect us all.

A world where we honor all sentient beings and serve as sacred stewards for this breathtaking and awe-inspiring planet.

We see ourselves living in a world where our natural state of wonder in connection with our true creative power is kept alive and celebrated and where everyone honors their unique gifts and knows that each life is a precious once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event.

Where the extremes of life cause us to take rapid and compassionate action for the sake of others.

Where we nurture love and value ourselves and our own unique contribution to the world.

A world where we know death is inevitable, so we dance with the vulnerability and joy of life knowing that each moment is precious and that all manifestations of life are precious.

We see a world of sustainable resources and, consequently, sustainable peace, and we hold that vision with faith, confidence, and the open awareness that the solutions and manifestations we seek are already on their way.

And we embrace where we are right now knowing that we are exactly where we need to be, enveloped fully in the energy of Love, fully present, and ready to take the next necessary steps ready to evolve the world.

Thank you for joining me in co-creating this vision. Thank you for being the unique, vital, and irreplaceable part of the Divine Plan that you are.

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