The Art of Being Who You Are – QA Show

The Art of Being Who You Are

Join certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, Hannah Sawicky for this week’s Quantum Alignment Show, as she guides you on a beautiful journey through the Quantum Human Design chart and the gift that is, you.

Hannah will teach you how to embed your essence into your body as you fall deeper in love with your unique design. Practice tuning in to the subtleties of your energy in order to recalibrate yourself with grace. Learn how to navigate the shadow side and extract your light from the dark.

This presentation will open you to a new way of seeing yourself, relating to your chart, and integrating all of the pieces that make the masterpiece of you.


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Connect with Hannah:

Website: https://www.birthingmybeing.com

Specialist Profile: Click here

IG: https://www.instagram.com/birthingmybeing/