Tap into Your Human Design SuperPowers – QAS Show

In this Quantum Alignment Show, Guest Hosts, Analena Stern and Alexandra Danieli, Founders of Best of You Now, are going to be sharing how you can use Deconditioning as your Power Tool to turn your Struggles and Challenges into Gold.

The complementing part to Human Design is Deconditioning, which is essential to help us bring into alignment with our true self and life purpose. Releasing our trapped traumas in our bodies allows us to accelerate this process so that we can turn our challenges into magic pretty fast.

Analena and Alexandra will be teaching you about the importance of our Emotions. How it is all connected to what we manifest in life and you will get a deep understanding of what triggers are here for and why all of Life is happening FOR you and not TO you!

Together Analena and Alexandra can help you let go of/decondition from your past self-sabotaging habits patterns and create new more empowering ones that will help you create the life you truly desire – not just in one area of your life but all areas of your life. They specialize in other modalities as well, such as Inner Child Work, Shadow Work, Trauma Release, Law of Attraction and Manifestation.


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