The Consciousness of Peace and Putin

As Creatives – that’s YOU – we are tasked with leading the world and building the future. The science and study of consciousness have shown us that to truly change our experience of the physical world, we have to tackle making changes on multiple levels. Obviously, one of the ways…

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Strategy & Authority

How to Make Decisions

Your Quantum Human Design strategy is kind of like having training wheels to help you make good choices. Following your Strategy by Type removes the over-analyzing and the pressurized “figuring out” from the process of moving forward. It also protects us from making emotional and impulsive choices. Making choices is…

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Stop Pressing the Panic Button

There are three key steps to creating what you want in life.   In order to get what you want you have to: Know what you want Believe you can have it Take action to get it Over the last few weeks I’ve shared a couple of articles with you…

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