The Consciousness of Peace and Putin

As Creatives – that’s YOU – we are tasked with leading the world and building the future. The science and study of consciousness have shown us that to truly change our experience of the physical world, we have to tackle making changes on multiple levels. Obviously, one of the ways…

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Strategy & Authority

How to Make Decisions

Your Quantum Human Design strategy is kind of like having training wheels to help you make good choices. Following your Strategy by Type removes the over-analyzing and the pressurized “figuring out” from the process of moving forward. It also protects us from making emotional and impulsive choices. Making choices is…

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Heart Resonance

Quantum Creativity

The words you tell yourself – and the meanings you give them matter. A lot! Your Human Design chart is basically a map that tells you who you are, how you process and experience the world, how you best make decisions and what you need to do to stay in…

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Life's Intelligence

Expanding Dreams

The gift of a long cycle of disruption is that, eventually, we become strong and resilient. It’s pretty easy when things feel out of control to fall into the illusion that you don’t have any influence over your experience of life. Please note, before you read any further, I’m not…

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woman meditation and spanning the gap

Spanning The Gap

Spanning the Gap Between Life Situations. It’s my birthday today.  It’s part of my personal birthday ritual to find a quiet place to meditate and look back at the year and align with what’s next for my upcoming year. This past year has been a real butt-kicker.  I’ve had a…

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What (YOU) and the world needs now…

The past few weeks I’ve been writing about what you can do to help the world.  In my previous two articles I wrote about the importance of activating your Quantum Creativity and why being aligned with your Authentic Self is vital, not only for your health, abundance, spiritual connection, Life…

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Are you sustainable?

Last week I posed the question, “What can we do in the face of tragedy and extreme circumstances?  How can we help the world?” I wrote about how the world needs to major things right now:  Quantum Creativity  Sustainability Last week I talked about how to activate your Quantum Creativity. …

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What you can do….

What can we do? It can feel despairing, overwhelming and powerless to read the news and to feel like you aren’t able to DO anything to change or help what’s happening on the planet. You may feel like donating money or supplies isn’t enough.  Your heart is hurting for the…

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