If you Love an Orchestrator (Projector)

Orchestrators (Projectors in Traditional Human Design) are here to manage, guide and direct the energy of the other Types.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Orchestrators are very different than all of the other Types. They don’t have sustainable energy, which means that they are not here to work in the traditional way that we…

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Projectors and Abundance

Projector and Abundance Life Purpose:  Manage and guide creation Strategy:  Wait to be invited/recognized, act Emotional Theme:  Bitterness Wealth Theme:  Midwife to universe, facilitate Challenges:  Sustainability, patience , self-worth, trust abundance of universe, follow your bliss, not knowing self, needing recognition, burn out Percentage:  20% Projectors can have the hardest challenge…

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Love by Type – Projector

Projector Love Ok. Projectors! It’s your turn! Let’s talk about relating to Projectors. Projectors comprise about 20% of the population. Their role in life is to manage, guide and direct the rest of the Types. (What a HARD job!!!) Projectors are very different than all of the other Types. First…

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