Manifestor Type

If you Love an Initiator (Manifestor)

Initiators (Manifestors in Traditional Human Design) are powerful energy beings who are here to create. They have an internal, non-verbal creative flow and when they want to do something, they simply get into their creative flow and make it happen.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Initiators can seem like fast-moving, independent people who just…

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Manifestors and Abundance

The Manifestor Life Purpose:  Translate inspiration into form Strategy:  Inform, then act Emotional Theme:  Anger Wealth Theme:  Non-verbal creative flow Challenges: Sustainability (work), burnout, power, not needing others, interruptions to creative flow, impact on others Percentage: Less than 8% of the population The life purpose of the Manifestor is to initiate…

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Love By Type – Manifestor

What is your Love Type? For years we’ve been talking about “Mars” and “Venus” in relationships, how men and women want and need different kinds of communication in relationships. While I think there are some very small places where men and women are biologically and physiologically different from each other,…

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