Receiving everything. Even when it sucks….

This is a difficult post to write.  It’s taken me some time to really think it through.  If I don’t get the words right, it has the potential to be deeply disturbing and to be misinterpreted in a way that could be downright disgusting. I’ve been wrestling mightily with a…

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The Mechanics of Choice

The Mechanics of Choice What makes you choose what you choose and how you can gain control over your choices to create what you REALLY want… Here’s something to think about….You are exactly where you are today in your life because of the choices you have made.  Every choice you’ve…

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The Most Important Class I’ve Ever Taught

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Human Design.  The more I study HD, the more moved I am by the promise that HD offers and how clearly this system explains what it really means to be human…and how to be good at being human. The class below is…

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