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Manifestor Magic – QAS Show

If you’re a Manifestor, a Manifesting Generator or you love one of these Types, join me for this week’s Quantum Alignment Show. We’re going to be discussing the unique challenges and gifts of Manifestors and Manifesting Generators. We’ll talk about healing the wounds of your “manifestor” parts, activating your power,…

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Manifesting Generators and Abundance

Manifesting Generator and Abundance Life Purpose:  Build (work, family) Strategy:  Respond, imagine, inform, act Wealth Theme:  Shortcuts to mastery Challenges:  Finding right work, direction, frustration/anger/impatience, trusting Sacral response, interruptions to creative flow, power, being too busy Manifesting Generators are essentially the same as pure Generators with a couple of small…

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Love By Type- Manifesting Generator

The Manifesting Generator and Love (**If you are a Manifesting Generator, you are a hybrid of both the Manifestor and the Generator, although you are still a “Generator Type”. Please read the Manifestor section along with the Generator section to get more insights into how you operate.) Approximately 33% of…

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