The Truth About Truth

The Truth about Truth Why Compromise Isn’t Healthy and Why You Need to be in Integrity with Yourself. In this Quantum Alignment Show we’re going to be discussing why you need to be in integrity with yourself. We’re going to examine where integrity lives in the Human Design chart and…

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Feminine Spiral

Do Optimists Get Discouraged First?

I was browsing my Facebook feed and I stumbled upon an article entitled, “Optimists Get Discouraged First”. As a die-hard optimist, this got my attention. While I felt a little resistant to the title of the article, I learned a lot from what I read. The bottom line of this…

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Suffering by Design????

(Short note today and some cool updates for you if you scroll to the bottom…) The Human Design chart is an archetypal “map” of the possibilities of what we can experience in a lifetime. Every possible expression of being human is in the chart. We have a choice, when we…

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