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Unraveling the Mysteries of Emotion

Feelings….the Creative Power of the Emotional Solar Plexus Emotions can be tricky. Our “feelings” cause us to react, leap spontaneously, recoil or even hide and avoid uncomfortable emotional situations. Emotions cause us to feel anxious, overeat, shut down, explode or be happy. But emotional energy is so much more than…

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What Type of Pain Do You Have?

  What is Quantum Alignment System (formerly called Healing by Human Design?) We are designed to experience health, wellness and abundance.  At any given point in time 48-62 trillion cells in your body are functioning optimally and supporting your physical experience of a healthy, happy life. The Human Design chart…

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What if you’re not broken, stuck or blocked…?

  Hold on to your hats, everyone. Another radical rant from the crazy Human Design lady. (Please, before you start reading this, know that I speak with the intention to inspire you and lift you up. If I fulfill my intention, please leave me a comment. If you struggle with…

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