the throat identity center

Abundance Consciousness – Open G-Center

Open G-Center Fluid, adaptable, chameleon “Right place; right people” Wise about love, life directions Question lovability; struggle with direction and sense of self Decision-making issues: while conditioned, need auric space to disconnect from others’ identities and directions Questions for the Open G-Center: Am I in the right place? Does my…

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Reflectors and Abundance

Reflectors and Abundance Life Purpose:  Karmic mirror Strategy:  Wait at least 28 days, then act Emotional Theme:  Disappointment Wealth Theme:  Early warning system Challenges: Sustainability, right place, direction, sensitivity, trusting support, influence of moon, need time for decisions, need recognition Percentage:  Less than 1% The Reflector is the rarest of all…

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Projector and Abundance

Projectors and Abundance

Projector and Abundance Life Purpose:  Manage and guide creation Strategy:  Wait to be invited/recognized, act Emotional Theme:  Bitterness Wealth Theme:  Midwife to universe, facilitate Challenges:  Sustainability, patience , self-worth, trust abundance of universe, follow your bliss, not knowing self, needing recognition, burn out Percentage:  20% Projectors can have the hardest challenge…

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MG and Abundance

Manifesting Generators and Abundance

Manifesting Generator and Abundance Life Purpose:  Build (work, family) Strategy:  Respond, imagine, inform, act Wealth Theme:  Shortcuts to mastery Challenges:  Finding right work, direction, frustration/anger/impatience, trusting Sacral response, interruptions to creative flow, power, being too busy Manifesting Generators are essentially the same as pure Generators with a couple of small…

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Generator and abundance

Generators and Abundance

Generator Types and Abundance Life Purpose:  Build (work, family) Strategy:  Respond, then act Emotional Theme:  Frustration Wealth Theme:  Mastery over time Challenges:  Finding right work, frustration and quitting, patience and waiting, trusting their inner response (Sacral) Percentage:  35% Generators, 35% Manifesting Generators There are two different kinds of Generator Types,…

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Manifestor and Money

Manifestors and Abundance

The Manifestor Life Purpose:  Translate inspiration into form Strategy:  Inform, then act Emotional Theme:  Anger Wealth Theme:  Non-verbal creative flow Challenges: Sustainability (work), burnout, power, not needing others, interruptions to creative flow, impact on others Percentage: Less than 8% of the population The life purpose of the Manifestor is to initiate…

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What (YOU) and the world needs now…

The past few weeks I’ve been writing about what you can do to help the world.  In my previous two articles I wrote about the importance of activating your Quantum Creativity and why being aligned with your Authentic Self is vital, not only for your health, abundance, spiritual connection, Life…

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Stop Pressing the Panic Button

There are three key steps to creating what you want in life.   In order to get what you want you have to: Know what you want Believe you can have it Take action to get it Over the last few weeks I’ve shared a couple of articles with you…

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Your Beliefs and Money

(If you prefer to listen to this post click here:  http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/W0ycMyyV) There are three key steps to creating what you want in life.   In order to get what you want you have to: Know what you want Believe you can have it Take action to get it Last week…

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What do you want…?

***This is a rather long post.  For your convenience, I’ve recorded an audio version  If you’d like to download and listen: http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WJJFzrdV   Recently I asked you all for some input for my new upcoming podcast.  Your answers surprised me and really made me sit back and reassess how I…

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