Suffering by Design????

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The Human Design chart is an archetypal “map” of the possibilities of what we can experience in a lifetime. Every possible expression of being human is in the chart. We have a choice, when we become aware, of what we want to create in our lives. We can react to our own energies and the energies around us, and live a life that lacks deliberation and consistent joy. Or, we can consciously choose our response to the world, fulfilling the promise of the possibility of humankind.

For example, when we look at leadership energy in the chart, we discover that we have a choice between dictatorship or democracy. Democracy being the highest expression of government in the archetype of humanity… Revolution and revolt are examples of our choosing to create something better, something more aligned with the highest potential for mankind.

Two Paths

In the chart we see that we have a choice to struggle or surrender, to love or hate, care or not care, feel enthusiastic or stuck and empowered or blaming.

(And, of course, so much more!)

The one thing you won’t find in the chart is the potential for suffering. There is no “Gate of Suffering.”

Yet, so many of us are suffering.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot while I’ve been working on my new book. I’ve been writing and rewriting a chapter on Human Design and Conditioning and it’s been kind of tough. I know what I want to say and it is so simple, but simultaneously so complicated.

For years I worked as a psychic, but all of my life I’ve been pretty sensitive to “B.S.” When I was little I could “feel” if someone had “good” or “bad” energy. I didn’t always understand exactly what the “vibes” were telling me, but I could just feel when people were “off”, somehow.

I still have that same awareness but a better understanding of the energy. My Dad worked in construction and engineering supply for most of my life. I worked for him for a couple of years. In the construction and engineering industry we use the term “integrity” a lot, but not in relation to morality, but to structural soundness.

I use the word “integrity” a lot, too. To me, when I’m referring to the integrity of someone, I’m talking about how close is a person to expressing the truth of who they really are, the “structural soundness” of their reality. An inauthentic life takes a lot of energy to sustain because it isn’t structurally sound. It’s weak and the Authentic Self always manages to squeeze in a horrified scream here and create some mischief here and there…

My psychic vibes about people are about this kind of integrity. When someone is living an inauthentic life or the life of the “Not-Self,” as we say in Human Design, they are out of personal integrity. It doesn’t feel good, to those of us witnessing it and to the person experiencing it.

It’s been my experience that the true root cause of suffering is not in the blueprint of humanity. There is a direct correlation between personal suffering and the lack of integrity in a person. The more inauthentic your life is, the more you will feel like you are suffering. The more aligned you are with the True You and all that the True You desires to create, experience and enjoy in life, the more harmony there is in your energy and the better you feel. (And the people around you feel better, too.)

That’s it. That’s all I have to say today except that I wish for you to release yourself from the shackles of suffering and set yourself free to unabashedly and relentlessly live a life that is a pure reflection of the Magnificence that is YOU!



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