Quantum Alignment System Level 3 Certification


Quantum Alignment System™ Level 3 integrates the QAS protocols with the circuitry of the Human Design Chart (the Gates and Channels).

QAS Level 3 training covers:

 • A great level of detail as you learn the subtleties that live within the energetic themes of a chart

 • How to assess the root causes of pain related to the Gates and Channels within someone’s chart

 • How to support people in moving through that pain and rewriting a new, empowering narrative using the QAS protocols.

This course begins with a live IN-PERSON 5-day intensive training. This course goes deep and can get emotional for participants. It is a profound and expansive course on both a personal and professional level. 

You must have completed a live Quantum Alignment System Level 1 and Level 2 training in order to take Level 3. 

QAS Level 3 also includes:

 • The Quantum Alignment System Level 3 Manual (written by Karen Curry Parker)
 • Access to *Quantum Human Design Level 3
 •  Access to a Master Alignment Program class following the 5-day intensive

For more information on dates for the next live intensive, please email Betsy at [email protected]

*Quantum Human Design Level 3 training covers:

 • The 64 Gates, 36 Channels and 7 Circuits 

Course includes 45+ hours of recorded audio and video classes with slides for each class and recorded weekly discussions with Karen Curry Parker.

In this level of training you will learn:

 • The mechanics of evolution, how change influences society, and how to help your clients navigate times of change and transition with resiliency

 • Core psychological and spiritual challenges in a chart and how to use this information to help your clients achieve mastery and inner alignment so they can accelerate their personal and professional growth

 • How the Quantum Human Design chart influences the body

 • What to listen for when coaching your clients to help them reframe their thinking and their “story” to help them create bigger breakthroughs from your coaching

 • All about circuitry, Gates and Channels and how the circuitry in the chart affects relationships, perceptions, health, wealth and lifestyle choices and how you can help your clients create a life that is a better reflection of who they are.

*Price includes Quantum Alignment System Professional Association (QASPA) Membership Benefits after Certification:

1. Published professional profile listed on the QuantumAlignmentSystem.com website, providing the ability for people to book readings/your services (includes page maintenance & profile updates)

2. Free Membership into the Understanding Human Design membership community (see community benefits)

3. Ability to host the Quantum Alignment Show – teach, share and promote any of your HD related courses/events/trainings/workshops/masterclasses and services to an audience of over 30K (and growing every day!)

4. Opportunity to be interviewed by Karen as a Guest on the Understanding Human Design Podcast

5. Access to a monthly LIVE group coaching call with Karen, to help you get the support you need and your questions answered about building your practice.

6. Voxer Support with QHD Specialist Support & Coordinator 

7. Weekly open office hour with QHD Specialist Support & Coordinator

8. Social media marketing and promotion of you and your services to over 30K people (and growing every day!)

9. Special discounts and pricing on products and events, plus other business related opportunities (ie. Chart-a-thons, Conference etc.)

10. Access to QASPA Member only resources, tools and marketing materials for you & your clients (including, but not limited to keynotes, ebooks, templates, tutorials, pics/graphics etc.)

**(there will be a separate yearly Membership Association Fee to maintain Benefits due one year from the date you receive Certification)**