Quantum Alignment System Level 1 Certification


QAS Level 1 training covers:

  • The foundation of the Quantum Alignment System™ – the 9 resiliency keys. These are 9 core human needs that are often the underlying source of wounding, and also a profound in-road to healing. 


In this course, Karen teaches the foundational principles of Quantum Consciousness and energy psychology, what the 9 resiliency keys are and how they align with the Human Design chart, and how to support people in strengthening their resiliency using the Quantum Alignment System protocols so that they can live into their purpose, and more authentically aligned with their Design and the Truth of Who They Are.

This course is offered 4 times a year and begins with a live 2-day intensive training virtually on Zoom, followed by 2-3 months of skills training and practice leading up to certification. For more information on dates for the next live intensive, please email Betsy at betsy@quantumalignmentsystem.com. 

QAS Level 1 also includes:
 •  The Healing by Human Design Foundations Course
 •  The Quantum Alignment System Level 1 Manual (written by Karen Curry Parker)
 •  The EFT Manual by Dawson Church
 •  Access to *Quantum Human Design Level 1
 •  Access to a Master Alignment Program class following the 2-day intensive

*Quantum Human Design Level 1 training covers:

 • The 5 QHD Types, Strategy and Authority 

Course includes 10+ hours of audio and video classes with slides for each class

In this introductory level of training you will learn:

 • A Basic Overview of Quantum Human Design

 • In-depth information about each of the Five Quantum Human Design Types

 • How understanding Type and Strategy for each can help people with money, relationships, parenting, health, and lifestyle

 • How to help your clients make empowered decisions by helping them to connect to their innate wisdom (Quantum Human Design Authority)

*Price includes Quantum Alignment System Professional Association (QASPA) Membership Benefits after Certification: Click HERE to see QASPA Member Benefits.