Relationship by Design 2019


This program is for Human Design Specialists Level 2 and above.  You will gain a much deeper and thorough understanding of how people come together and create relationships, families, businesses and friendships.  **If you have completed Level 3 Certification, you may list yourself as a Relationship Specialist once you complete this class and submit a one-hour composite analysis.

(Note:  While we will review some of the information covered in the “old” Relationships By Design program, this new class includes much more practical information as well as a deeper awareness of the mechanics of relationships.)

What You Will Learn:

  • How the different Human Design Types relate to each other
  • The mechanics of attractions (and repulsion…)
  • Bonding strategies for each profile and how different profiles connect
  • How definition and open-ness in the Centers influences your relationship
  • How to make effective and loving choices in relationships
  • How to work with energetic “weaknesses” in a relationship
  • How to improve and enhance the energetic “strengths” in a relationship
  • How circuitry impacts a relationship
  • How to support and foster growth in a relationship
  • How to see conditioning in a chart and how conditioning impacts a relationship
  • The mechanics of sex, sexuality, passion and connection in a chart
  • How to best communicate with your partner, friend, child or family member and how to get them to communicate with you effectively
  • The difference between love v.s. caring and how that impacts a relationship
  • How to get in and out of relationships correctly
  • How to discover the purpose of a relationship
  • And more…

This is a series of pre-recorded lessons and recorded discussion.