Quantum Human Design Package Levels 1-4


Level 1 training covers:
• The 5 QHD Types, Strategy and Authority

Course includes 10+ hours of recorded audio and video classes with slides for each class

In this introductory level of training you will learn:
• A Basic Overview of Quantum Human Design
• In-depth information about each of the Five Quantum Human Design Types
• How understanding Type and Strategy for each can help people with money, relationships, parenting, health, and lifestyle
• How to help your clients make empowered decisions by helping them to connect to their innate wisdom (Quantum Human Design Authority)

Level 2 training covers:
• The 9 Centers, 12 Profiles, 6 Lines and touches a little bit about Incarnation Crosses

Course includes 12+ hours of recorded audio and video classes with slides for each class

In this level of training you will learn:
• The 12 Profiles and how understanding the Profile helps your clients know their relationship patterns, their learning style and what they need to feel confident about their decision-making strategy
• How the 9 Energy Centers in Quantum Human Design influences motivation and drive, and how clients can use this understanding to help them tap into greater power, a deeper connection with their Authentic self, and how to break free from limiting patterns or “feeling stuck”

Level 3 training covers:
• The 64 Gates, 36 Channels and 7 Circuits

Course includes 45+ hours of audio and video classes with slides for each class and LIVE weekly discussions with Karen Parker.

In this level of training you will learn:
• The mechanics of evolution, how change influences society, and how to help your clients navigate times of change and transition with resiliency
• Core psychological and spiritual challenges in a chart and how to use this information to help your clients achieve mastery and inner alignment so they can accelerate their personal and professional growth
• How the Quantum Human Design chart influences the body
• What to listen for when coaching your clients to help them reframe their thinking and their “story” to help them create bigger breakthroughs from your coaching
• All about circuitry, Gates and Channels and how the circuitry in the chart affects relationships, perceptions, health, wealth and lifestyle choices and how you can help your clients create a life that is a better reflection of who they are.

Level 4 Training – Course is taught LIVE once a year, with weekly discussions led by Karen Curry Parker. (Attending this Course LIVE, via Zoom, is part of the requirement to Certify & Graduate. Exceptions due to Work & Time Zone conflicts will be granted.)

Level 4 training covers:
• Putting all the Levels together in the art of Chart Reading and having catalytic conversations
• Learning how to identify and analyze specific markers and conundrums in the Chart
• Learning how to conduct a Life Purpose / Soul Activation Reading

Intensive training for the advanced practitioner who wants to learn how to identify specific issues in chart analysis and deepen their understanding of the art of chart reading. Includes pre-recorded lessons and one live class when it’s taught live (once a year), as well as a weekly support call.

There is a science – a “system”- to interpreting a chart. Level 4 is about the “art” of reading a chart and how to marry your own unique professional background with a compassionate, integrated understanding of Quantum Human Design.

In this training you will learn:
• Specific skills and lessons to help you coach your client in relationships, business, improving health, career choice, money consciousness, spirituality – all based on the Quantum Human Design chart
• The esoteric element of the Quantum Human Design chart and how to use this information to help people cultivate a life and business that is resilient and meets the needs of a rapidly changing world

1-4 Package BONUSES includes the following courses:
• The Generator/Manifesting Generator Series
• Projector Survival Guide
• De-Conditioning by Design
• Intuition by Design
• Business by Design
• Parenting by Design Courses
• Human Design Specialty Series: The Penta
• The Emotional Solar Plexus and Your Soul’s Journey
Advanced Human Design Trainings:
• Sacral Session Training
• Relationship by Design
• Profiling Class

*Price includes Quantum Alignment System Professional Association (QASPA) Membership Benefits after Certification: Click HERE to see QASPA Membership Benefits.