Quantum Activation 2020


Get ready for a life-changing 2020!

2020 has two powerful themes that play with each other in a complementary and powerful way. Using Quantum Human Design, we are remembering Who We Truly Are and re-writing the stories we tell about ourselves. The planets are inviting us to look at places where we may be limiting ourselves and what’s possible by holding on to old stories, traumas, un-forgiveness and beliefs that are keeping us from fulfilling our personal and collective potential and purpose.

We are being supported by the planets by simultaneously learning to deepen our faith. The planets are inviting us to explore how our identity, life and creative expression would transform if we knew that we were infinitely supported by the Universe. We are being asked to take great leaps of faith, to have more faith in ourselves and each other and to remember to trust in the infinite, abundant nature of our creative power.

We are discerning this year, setting priorities and getting clear about what we truly want to be creating in our world. I predict you’ll look back at this year as a catalytic and aligning year – a year when you remember Who You Are.

All of this prepares us for bigger changes in 2020 when we begin to build new infrastructures and the way in which the world works together…  This powerful home study program gives you a systematic approach to telling a personal narrative that promises to re-align your life with the true story of who you really are.

What’s Included:

  • Quantum Activation Curriculum with 12 Homestudy videos
  • Online Workbook and Preparatory Activities
  • Your Human Design energy blueprint
  • Brand New High Frequency Human Design Language Guide
  • Plus Bonuses

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