Personal Empowerment Program 2019 Group Coaching


The goal for these groups is to  support women in discovering how to deeply align with their Authentic Self and activate new ways to take leadership in the world.

In these coaching sessions you’ll be exploring the Nine Centers of the chart, the gateways to activating the power of these energies in the chart and how to truly embody power in your body, your relationships and with your creative expression.

You’ll also be looking at releasing ancestral memories around power, conducting ritual to embrace a new genetic legacy and exploring how to reframe old, disempowered archetypes and step into a new era of power and leadership for women.

Coaching sessions will start on Thursday April 11 at 9:30 am and 7:30 pm.  and will meet for 10 weekly sessions.  Each group is limited to four participants.  (You will be assigned to either a morning or evening session depending on your time zone and needs)  Cost:  $1,297

This program comes with new, exclusive weekly online content plus our weekly coaching time and a 30 minute personal laser coaching session with me.

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